Composite liquid ring vacuum pump

Composite liquid ring vacuum pump analysis of common problems

Difficult to start. It may be caused by power failure, foreign matter entering the pump, impeller stuck, packing pressed too tightly, scale or rust, and too much working fluid. Corresponding solutions: check whether the reciprocating vacuum pump is powered off; or if the power supply is lack of phase, wash it with water; or open the pump for inspection, loosen the packing gland bolt, start the pump, slowly tighten the gland bolt until a little water flows out, soak it in 10% oxalic acid for 30-60 minutes, adjust the working fluid to the axial line of the pump.

If the roots vacuum pump is operated at its differential pressure extreme value, a temperature sensor needs to be installed at the exhaust end to prevent overheating and any resulting damage. This will generate an alarm at a limited temperature and will shut down the pump when it reaches the maximum temperature. Therefore, when observing the temperature change of Roots vacuum pump, we must be careful to avoid carelessness without timely detection of the temperature change of roots pump equipment and indirect loss of ideal repair time. At the same time, we should keep these precautions in mind, so that when the temperature of the equipment changes, it can also be quickly repaired in the right way.

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Composite liquid ring vacuum pump methods to avoid scaling

Temperature control of circulating cooling water. From the above analysis, it can be seen that the difference between the water ring temperature in the vacuum pump and the water temperature in the softened water tank is an important factor leading to scaling. Therefore, increasing the circulating water supply and improving the cooling effect is an important guarantee to reduce the scaling rate. Therefore, in the process of circulating cooling water operation, it is necessary to monitor the return water temperature and return water volume of each reciprocating vacuum pump to ensure that the normal water supply and return water temperature of each pump do not exceed 40 ℃. The water supply can be controlled by valves. If the return water temperature exceeds the requirements, it is necessary to supplement low-temperature cold water or use other cooling methods to reduce the temperature of the softened water in the softened water pool.

Maintenance of vacuum dewatering equipment

It is inevitable that various faults will occur in the use of vacuum pump. Users are familiar with several common faults of vacuum pump and master certain maintenance measures to solve the faults in time, which can not only prolong the service life of vacuum pump, but also save certain maintenance costs. Vacuum pump manufacturers introduced the following several common failures and corresponding maintenance measures for us, you can understand. 1. Wear of pump shaft bearing position: in western regions, polymer composite material repair method is often used. This method can repair without disassembly and machining. It has no influence of repair welding thermal stress, and the repair thickness is not limited. At the same time, the product’s concession can absorb the impact vibration of equipment, avoid re wear and greatly extend the service life of various parts of vacuum pump.

Composite liquid ring vacuum pump methods to clean up the dirt inside

1. After cleaning, the spare parts of the reciprocating vacuum pump must be dried (blown with wool or wiped with silk cloth) and covered to prevent ash falling. If some parts are waiting for repair and processing, other parts can be properly coated with clean vacuum pump oil to prevent rust.

2. For the through-hole, oil tank and gas channel of the oil way, the accumulated particle impurities, dust, dirt and oil dregs shall be cleaned, and the place with shell shall be removed gently. Then use compressed air to blow through and dry the oil way. Make sure that there is no gasoline or solvent for cleaning in the oil way slot.

Composite liquid ring vacuum pump

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