Oil-free Vacuum Pump in Powder Bagging Process

The application process of oil-free vacuum pump in powder and particle bagging process. Several important problems and technical directions should be paid attention to, Product quality, drying speed and energy saving and emission reduction technology. The simplest and most basic one, let’s talk about the application of vacuum and create a vacuum environment. Food needs vacuum packaging, products need vacuum packaging, factories, families, hospitals, these places can be used to obtain a “vacuum” environment. These places also need a vacuum pump most, which is designed to create a vacuum environment for you.

The practical application of vacuum pump is closely related to our life. For example, if you just need to make some food and send it to someone far away, should you use vacuum packaging? But I want to transfer the current tools and equipment at home, which seems unable to create a vacuum environment. Therefore, from a small family to a large hospital, one or more vacuum pumps need to be prepared. According to the need of vacuum pump, we can continue to choose oil-free, frequency conversion vacuum pump and so on.

Why choose oil-free rotary vane vacuum pump? The reason is simple, that is, oil-free rotary vane vacuum pump has the following structural characteristics and advantages compared with other vacuum pumps:

Oil-free rotary vane vacuum pump is a kind of oil-free vacuum pump. A basic device for removing gases from sealed containers to obtain vacuum.

The pump can be used for various vacuum operations, such as air conditioning, refrigeration equipment maintenance, medical equipment suction equipment, printing machinery, vacuum packaging, vacuum absorption, physical and chemical experiments, and small equipment requiring vacuum environment. It can also be used as a front-stage pump for small oil booster pumps, oil diffusion pumps, molecular pumps, etc.

The pump is not suitable for removing gases that are corrosive to ferrous metals, chemically reactive to pump oil, gas containing particulate dust, and toxic gases with excessive oxygen and explosive properties. It can not be used as a delivery pump (i.e. from one container to another).

Rotary vane vacuum pump used in powder and particle bagging process is a kind of packaging which protects powder and particle from environmental pollution and prolongs the shelf life of powder and particle. It can improve the value and quality of products. In order to reduce the oxygen content in packaging and prevent the deterioration of mould powder and particles.


Oil-free vacuum pump advantages:

1. The pump is small in size, light in weight and easy to operate.

2. Use 6P motor at low speed 965r/min

3. More stable operation, lower noise and longer service life

4. Design of large flow rate, with discharge up to 1500L/min

5. Because of double cylinder and double function (vacuum pump, blower side by side), it can be used as vacuum source with vacuum degree of 60 kPa or lower and air source with discharge pressure of 60 kPa or lower.


1. In order to reduce the oxygen content in packaging, prevent the powder and particle deterioration of packaging powder and particle, maintain the efficacy of drugs, and extend the shelf life.

2. Vacuum packaging plays an important role in food. But it has the same remarkable effect in the process of powder and particle bagging.

3. Compared with ordinary packaging methods, vacuum packaging reduces the space occupied by articles. It has the advantages of moisture-proof, dust-proof and anti-bacterial, which makes drug transportation more convenient.

4. It greatly reduces the possibility of loss caused by some accidents.

When filling bags with powders and particles, the application of oil-free vacuum pumps in the process of filling bags of powders and particles is very stringent in terms of hygiene, safety and product damage prevention. Globally, this process is gradually being automated.

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