Customized screw vacuum pump for optoelectronic industry

Photoelectric industry, as the name implies, is closely related to light and electricity. According to the different nature of photoelectric use, the photoelectric industry is divided into seven major areas
(1) Optoelectronic materials and components
(2) Photoelectric display
(3) Optical components and equipment
(4) Optical input
(5) Optical storage
(6) Optical fiber communication
(7) Laser and other optoelectronic applicationsThe vacuum pump used in photoelectric industry is introduced below. For more information about vacuum pump products, please click to contact us.

Screw vacuum pump

Customized screw vacuum pump for optoelectronic industry

Screw vacuum pump of master the connection distance

The appearance of screw vacuum pump has caused a gust of wind in many industries. We need to know that the operation of screw vacuum pump needs motor to provide power, and the connection between motor and screw pump needs wiring to realize. However, due to the different wiring length required by the installation distance between motor and screw pump, the wiring method will also change because of the distance. Next, let’s explain Let’s introduce the requirements of different screw vacuum pump equipment docking distance.

1. If the distance between the screw vacuum pump and the motor is within 20m, the motor and the screw vacuum pump can be directly connected together.
2, if they are very far away from each other, they need to adjust the carrier frequency of * screw pump to reduce the interference of wave interference to complete the wiring.
3. When the distance between the pump and the motor is less than 100m, not only the frequency of the carrier wave should be reduced moderately, but also the output AC reactor should be added to connect.

Through the above introduction, we know that the closer the distance between the screw vacuum pump and the motor is, the better, because the closer the distance is, the interference caused by the connection process will be avoided as far as possible. The screw vacuum pump manufacturer reminds us that when wiring the equipment, we must control the appropriate distance to connect the professional, and the correct connection method is also to ensure the later dry screw The precondition for the normal operation of the vacuum pump.

Screw vacuum pump

Energy loss of dry vacuum pump of causes

During the whole process of dry vacuum pump application, a series of transformations will be carried out to reflect the situation that kinetic energy damage will be caused in the whole process of transformation. If kinetic energy damage is too much, the operation of dry vacuum pump equipment will be affected. Therefore, we need to immediately find the cause of kinetic energy damage, and the following will analyze it for us.

1. Mechanical equipment dame
It is mainly the friction damage (also known as disc damage) between liquid and outer surface of centrifugal impeller front cover and dry vacuum pump cavity. Disc damage accounts for a large proportion and even accounts for 30% of the reasonable output power. The experimental results show that the third power ratio of disc damage and speed ratio, and the fifth power ratio of centrifugal impeller diameter. Therefore, the larger the diameter of centrifugal impeller is, the greater the damage of disc is. Although the ratio of disc damage and speed ratio is cubic positive, with the increase of the given pump head, the diameter of centrifugal impeller is relatively reduced (it can be felt that the pump speed ratio is doubled and the centrifugal impeller diameter is reduced by half), and the disc damage is reduced to the fifth power. Therefore, with the increase of the speed ratio, the disc damage of dry vacuum pump does not increase, On the contrary, it is one of the reasons for the development trend of high speed pump.

2. Capacity damage
A part of the liquid in the centrifugal impeller leaks through the gap of the sealing ring of the centrifugal impeller and returns to the inlet of the centrifugal impeller, which can not be used reasonably and causes damage. Therefore, the lower the gap of the sealing ring, the better, but because of production processing and installation and other reasons, too small gap will produce eccentric wear or stuck.

3. Hydropower damage
The hydrodynamics of a part of the liquid (from the inlet to the outlet) in the dry vacuum pump over-current must have the damage caused by the change of speed, size and orientation. These two parts are the damage of hydropower generation. In order to reduce these damages, in addition to improving the smoothness of the over-current components, the solid model of hydropower generation should be adopted as far as possible.
In fact, if you want to reduce the kinetic energy damage in the application of machinery and equipment, you must carry out the application according to the operation procedures. Do not blindly follow the actual operation, causing too much damage and seriously affecting the application efficiency.

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