2BV water ring vacuum pump for pump oil requirements

2BV water ring vacuum pump has good safety. Generally, there are many kinds of negative pressure discharge in mine, so it is widely used. Among them, 2BV water ring vacuum pump is widely used, but the use of pump oil is required. Here are the requirements for pump oil.

Vacuum pump oil is a kind of accessory of vacuum pump, which can promote the high-speed operation of the equipment, and some requirements must be followed in the selection.

Reasons for using pump oil in 2BV water ring vacuum pump:

In the process of operation, the equipment gas is compressed at medium temperature, so when it is compressed and pumped with flammable and explosive gas, it will not explode, so it has been widely used.

Vacuum Pump Oil

Requirements of 2BV water ring vacuum pump for pump oil:

1. Tightness

The pump oil required in the vacuum pump accessories has proper viscosity, which can make the vacuum pump start quickly at low temperature, and has good sealing property at high temperature, and the temperature rise of pump oil in the pump is low. It does not contain light volatile components, which reduces the oil return rate of vacuum pump in the process of use.

2. Saturated vapor pressure

Saturated vapor pressure is one of the key indexes of pump oil. In a constant temperature closed vessel, the pressure at which the gas and liquid phases reach dynamic equilibrium is called saturated vapor pressure.

The saturated vapor pressure of the oil should be as low as possible. At the maximum operating temperature of the pump, it must still have enough low saturated vapor pressure, and it must be lower than the limit pressure of the vacuum pump. At 60 ℃, it must be at least 6.5 × 10-5 kPa (for every 20 ℃ rise in temperature, the saturated vapor pressure will drop by an order of magnitude).

3. Ultimate total pressure and ultimate partial pressure

Final total pressure: the total pressure of all substances (gases) produced by vacuum pump is measured by Pirani pressure gauge or thermocouple vacuum gauge. At present, foreign countries pay attention to the total pressure test index.

Limiting partial pressure: the limiting air partial pressure of the pump measured by a compact mercury vacuum meter. The partial pressure of two-stage vane pump shall be ≤ 6 × 10-5kpa. The difference request does not exceed one order of magnitude. The greater the difference between the two, the more volatile components the pump oil contains, and the worse the performance of the oil.

4. Smoothness of pump oil in Shanghai vacuum pump accessories

The friction wear, fatigue wear and corrosion wear of the friction surface are all related to the smooth condition. High performance pump oil helps to inhibit corrosion and wear; it can effectively reduce adhesive wear and fatigue wear; fluid smooth agent can clean the friction surface and reduce friction and wear. Reduce friction resistance to save energy and reduce wear to extend mechanical life.

5. Heat dissipation performance

Reducing the temperature of friction surface is an important function of smoothness. When the friction surface moves, the friction must be limited to work. All the work required to limit friction is converted into heat. As a result, the temperature of the friction surface increases. The friction heat is related to the smooth state. The heat of high viscosity is the largest, the heat of low viscosity is the smallest, and the friction heat at the boundary is between them. It can be seen that the vacuum pump oil with proper viscosity can not only complete the smoothness of the liquid, reduce the generation of friction heat, but also bring the friction heat out of the pump body in time.

2BV water ring vacuum pump for pump oil requirements

2BV water ring vacuum pump for pump oil requirements


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