Dry screw vacuum pump of proper use

(1) before all normal transportation and transmission, the dry screw vacuum pump should be tested for abnormal vibration and impact noise. The first dry screw vacuum pump shall also measure the limit gas pressure of the dry screw vacuum pump, which shall meet the technical standards. Under the standard of long – term operation of dry screw vacuum pump, the temperature of dry screw vacuum pump above 70 degrees is not allowed. The measurement of dry pumping speed is very complicated. Generally not checked.

(2) dry screw vacuum pump is a kind of mechanical equipment must provide cooling circulating water, before starting to provide cooling circulating water, and then restart. The inlet and outlet temperatures for cooling recycled water are not suitable to exceed 30 degrees.

(3) the pipeline between the continuous dry screw vacuum pump and the software to be pumped shall be as short and thick as possible. The nominal diameter of the pipe shall be general. The inlet diameter of the dry type dry screw vacuum pump shall be very large to prevent the friction resistance of the dry type pipeline from endangering the speed of the vacuum pump.

(4) in order to maintain the daily cleaning of the room during work, which is conducive to the physical and mental health of the workers, the steam discharged from the room is immediately drawn out of the room with a leather pipe.

(5) when the dry screw vacuum pump does not work for a long time or the operating temperature is low, it will cause difficulty in starting. At this point, air shall be introduced into the vacuum pump mouth of the dry screw vacuum pump, which shall be started after several weeks of rotation with a large number of rotating pulley (not connected to the switching power supply). If the dry screw vacuum pump is immediately connected, the motor can be run again several times to drain the oil stored in the dry screw vacuum pump chamber into the car tank and start. If not, the dry screw vacuum pump can be immediately heated with a radiant source or infrared lamp until it can be moved.

(6) before use, check whether the vacuum pump oil of the mechanical equipment reaches the oil line marking part of the window. Also, make sure to check the direction of rotation of the motor pulley. The observer is pointing at the pulley. The pulley should be rotated clockwise. If the rotation direction is opposite, the two connection heads of the phase-controlled switching power supply can be replaced. Otherwise, the vane vacuum pump will not produce the vacuum effect, but the vacuum pump oil and air pump into the pumping system software, causing serious pollution.

(7) after the work is completed, first close the high vacuum valve, and then close the low vacuum valve. The rotary vane vacuum pump is then stopped, and the air is discharged (such as the electromagnetic induction vacuum pump with the exhaust valve, which is fully automatic) to prevent the oil from returning to the ultrafiltration device, and finally the main switching power supply and water supply are disconnected.

(8) care should be taken to prevent hard solid chemicals (metal debris, laminated glass debris, etc.). To avoid falling into the dry screw vacuum pump and scratch the suitable parts of the dry screw vacuum pump. When the dry screw vacuum pump is shut down for a long time, it should be stored in a dry and clean natural environment and blocked by the vacuum pump mouth and exhaust port, so as to avoid waste falling into.

(9) when disassembling and assembling assembly line mechanical equipment dry screw vacuum pump, care must be taken not to knock the protruding surface or damage the screw, after cleaning the parts should be dry or air-dried (temperature should not be too high, time should not be too long). On the assembly line, the walls of the dry screw vacuum pumps are coated with a small amount of vegetable oil to remove as much dead space as possible. The rest of the oil is pipe-based, pumping out too much oil.

Dry screw vacuum pump of proper use

Dry screw vacuum pump of proper use

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