Booster pump

Roots booster pump in vacuum oil filter of application

A two-stage vacuum system is formed when roots vacuum pump is added to the vacuum oil filter, so the oil filter is called a two-stage oil filter or a two-stage vacuum oil filter.

Booster pump

Now to deal with ultra-high voltage transformer oil or other insulating oil filter oil machine generally referred to as “effective double-stage vacuum oil filter machine”, in order to improve the degree of withstand voltage of transformer oil, waste recovery ultra-high performance, must under the condition of vacuum let need to filter the waste oil in vacuum environment fully demulsification and dehydration, especially increasing vacuum trace water, and in order to improve the vacuum degree of vacuum filter oil machine, double-stage vacuum oil filter machine than single stage vacuum filter oil machine on the structure to increase a roots pump.

Now double-stage vacuum vacuum system structure is generally use straight association-like or rotary vane vacuum pumps as backing pump (all adopt the efficient straight association-like vacuum pump), roots pump (pump) as a pump, after the two pumps of double-stage vacuum oil filter machine cycle of vacuum system, in the first stage vacuum pump has been obtained under the premise of high vacuum degree, and roots pump pressure work, make better vacuum, vacuum degree is higher, vacuum extraction rate and more balanced. Therefore, it is the “alliance” of Roots pump that makes our two-stage vacuum oil filter more efficient. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe and effective work of the two-stage vacuum oil filter, we need to carry out necessary maintenance and maintenance of Roots pump, so that roots pump can run healthily!

Roots booster pump of different specifications, there are two differences:
1. Pumping volume; Large pump pumping volume, small pump pumping volume is small.
2. Allowable pressure difference. Large pump allowed pressure difference is small, small pump allowed pressure difference is large.

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Notes for operation:
(1) the fan should be a comprehensive inspection of the parts, whether the integrity of the parts, the bolts, nuts, the tightness of the fasteners and positioning pin installation quality, inlet and outlet pipelines and valve installation quality.
(2) In order to ensure the safe operation of the blower, external loads such as pipes, valves and frames are not allowed.
(3) Check the aligning and aligning quality of blower and motor.
(4) Check whether all the bases of the unit are fully packed and whether the anchor bolts are fastened.
(5) The oil tank shall be filled with the specified grade of mechanical oil to the oil level line, and the lubricating oil grade is N220 medium-duty gear oil.
(6) Check whether the steering of the motor meets the pointing requirements.
(7) Belt cover (protective cover) shall be installed at the belt pulley (coupling) to ensure the safety of operation and use.
(8) Open all the inlet and outlet valves of the blower and the rotor of the disk-driven fan, which should rotate flexibly and avoid collision and friction. Only under normal conditions can the fan be started for test operation.

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