Can rotary vane vacuum pump be customized?

Customized Price of Energy-saving Rotary Vacuum Pump

Energy-saving rotary vane vacuum pump customized price, the sum of onset pressure. At present, foreign countries pay attention to the test index of total pressure. Limit partial pressure: Mercury compact vacuum gauge gas (3), Limit total pressure and Limit partial pressure Limit total pressure: All substances of vacuum pump are measured by Pirani gauge or thermocouple vacuum gauge. The full vapor pressure will drop by an order of magnitude about 20 for every 6.5 10-5 kPa increase in temperature (at least 60 under temperature conditions).

Can rotary vane vacuum pump be customized?
Class. Helical gears are commonly used in order to make the transmission stable and low noise. In order to facilitate the installation and adjustment of the clearance between the gears and the rotor, the clearance-adjusting structural gears can be selected and the lifting sleeve connecting method between the gears and the shaft can be adopted. 6~5
In general, assuming that the user thinks power consumption is important to him, it may be a good choice to choose an internal pressure screw, while nitrogen content is not important to him. However, in general, the requirements for tail gas disposal are getting stricter and stricter, so it is particularly important to reduce the amount of nitrogen used in the future. Assuming you want to deal with shaped semiconductor processes without changing them with a simple inventory control pump, external screw tightening is a good choice. This is a great advantage for stability and future maintenance costs. Compared with 60%, the number of parts used can be reduced as much as possible (such as ball seams, claws and assemblies).
Details should be based on the detailed characteristics of the manufacturer’s products. There should be no irregular abnormal vibration and noise in operation. If there are motor overload, excessive temperature rise, abnormal sound, large vibration and other conditions in operation, it should stop immediately to check the cause and eliminate the fault. At 80 C and 40 C, the high temperature should not exceed. In addition, under normal operating conditions, the high temperature rise of ordinary pumps should not exceed.

2x Rotary Vacuum Pump Customized Quality Service

In rooms with fine shelving, personnel should be as few as possible. Parts and other supplies are delivered through sliding cabinet doors. The fine-mounted room is separated from the large air-conditioned room. The air in the inner room should be further filtered. In addition to air conditioners and filter teeth, walls, floors, ceilings and doors must be as strict as possible. Building materials such as plaster, building boards, wood boards and cement are evenly coated with glossy or semi-glossy paint. 50% below.
Coupling is a kind of installation which connects the driving shaft and the driven shaft together. It is divided into motor coupling and pump coupling. When installing the device, the two half coupling must be concentric, and the axial clearance between the two ends must be fixed and equal everywhere, otherwise the operation and life of the machine will be seriously affected. Therefore, the search of coupling is an important part of assembly work.
Rotary vane vacuum pump can be customized, material can be selected. EVP vacuum pump production company, our company has strong technical force, excellent equipment. “Quality-based, credibility” is the company’s purpose. The vacuum pumps produced by our company are well-known in domestic and foreign markets for their exquisite workmanship, stable performance and reliable quality. The main products are SZ, SZB, SK, 2BV, 2BEA, 2BEC series water ring vacuum pumps and compressors; 2SK-P1 series two-stage water ring pumps – atmospheric jet pump machinery; 2SY series water ring compressors; W, WY series reciprocating vacuum pumps; WL series vertical reciprocating vacuum pumps; X, 2X series rotary vacuum pumps; ZJ, ZBK series Roots vacuum pumps; JZJ2S series Roots – water ring vacuum units and other related products. Production of various working pumps with equipment. Products are widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, medicine, food, sugar, power, electronics, metallurgy, ceramics, water diversion, printing and dyeing, building materials and other fields.

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