Multistage centrifugal pump

Multistage centrifugal pump is to have the same function of two or more of the centrifugal pump pump set together, the fluid channel structure, performance in the first level of medium pressure mouth and second-level imports are interlinked, the second level of medium pressure mouth and the third level of imports are interlinked, so formed a multistage centrifugal pump series of institutions.

Characteristics of multistage centrifugal pump:

1. Small volume, small noise and light weight.

2, multistage centrifugal pump is the vertical structure of commonly used, this will greatly reduce cover an area of an area, and the center of gravity of the pump on pump feet, at run time very smoothly, little vibration, the quality is very good, can use for a long time.

3, can be installed in any position of don’t need to change the pipeline structure, very convenient, if you want to use in the outdoor only need to add a cover to go, don’t like traditional pumps also need to build a pump room, time-consuming and laborious.

4. The multi-stage centrifugal pump is highly efficient and does not require other energy support. It is an efficient and energy-saving mechanical equipment.

5. The multi-stage centrifugal pump adopts efficient and energy-saving hydraulic model, which has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, wide range of performance, safe and stable operation, low noise, long life, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. But it still has some limitations at work, such as: pressure is not more than 0.6 MPa, can transport temperature is 20 ℃ – – 105 ℃.

6. The transportation of oil, hot water and corrosive medium can be realized by changing the material and sealing form of the pump.


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