Packing machine high pressure vacuum pump

Using vacuum or protective gas in packaging is the most common method nowadays. It has a long shelf life and is attractive to consumers. Vacuum packaging has existed for more than 50 years. Rotary vane vacuum pump has been used in numerous packaging machinery all over the world. Vacuum pump is the heart of every packaging machine. The quality of vacuum pump determines the quality of packaging machine to a great extent, and ultimately determines the quality of packaging.

The right choice of vacuum pump and its optimal design ultimately determine the quality of packaging, and then determine the shelf life of packaging goods, and maintain its quality after the packaging process. In addition, choosing the right vacuum pump will affect the reliability and economic efficiency of the packaging machine. In order to get the best effect in the vacuum packaging process, the whole product processing process must be considered. This is the only way to consider all process chain parameters, which can affect the physical operation in the packaging process.

Exhausting air from the packer chamber reduces pressure and reduces oxygen content. At the same time, there is a pressure gradient from the inside to the surface of the meat. This may cause the cavity in the meat to expand and the gas may escape. If the meat is very wet, once the pressure drops below the steam pressure, the water on its surface will evaporate and the amount of gas will increase rapidly. Now the pressure in the packing chamber drops very slowly because the vacuum pump has to pump out the extra water vapor generated.

Water vapor resistance

The basic characteristic of vacuum pump is water vapor resistance. This must be adjusted. The following parameters affect the water vapor resistance of the vacuum pump:

Working pressure range of vacuum pump

Current ambient and product temperatures

Working mode of vacuum machine

Installation conditions of vacuum pump in packaging machine

Pressure range

The pressure range depends on the performance of the vacuum pump and the packaging machine. The rotary vane vacuum pump reaches the limit pressure of 0.1 HPA (millibar). The cavity size and pumping speed of the vacuum pump determine the evacuation time. Conversely, the speed at which the three-phase point of water is reached or the pressure drops below that point depends on two criteria. Three phase point (also called three-phase point) is the point where water vapor, liquid water and ice occur at the same time. The three focal points are about 6 HPA (millibar).

Installation and operation mode

The type of vacuum pump installation (installation room, ventilation equipment, etc.) and the operation mode of the packaging machine (circulation operation, intermittent operation) also have a great impact on the operating temperature of the vacuum pump.

According to experience: the higher the working temperature of vacuum pump, the higher its water vapor resistance.

In order to obtain the best packaging effect, the interaction between various factors must be considered in the design of vacuum pump. The overall method and cooperation between vacuum pump manufacturers, packaging machine manufacturers and operators for product processing is the most important condition for obtaining the best quality.


Vacuum pump for suction / packing machine

The product introduces foreign advanced technology and production process, and adopts double oil from the working mode. The main features of piston are: green environmental protection, oil-free ion, rich flavor, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, long service life and long service life. Low noise, large flow.

Main technical indicators:

Vacuum degree: entropy method MPa

Flux: 25L / min

Working voltage: 36VDC, 12VDC: 48VDC, 24VDC, 72vdc.

Power: 30W.

Size: 170 * 140 * 100mm

Weight: 2.5kg.

Noise 50 dB: (a).

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