Energy saving vacuum pump

EVP vacuum pump manufacturers have introduced a series of new efficient vacuum pumps. Efficient and energy-saving vacuum pumps can bring benefits to customers, including an average energy savings of 50% compared with traditional oil seals and rotary vane vacuum pumps, as well as the best noise level and oil retention of the same kind.

Efficient and energy saving vacuum pump can produce rated displacement up to 900 m3/h. Combining with the latest technology, users can accurately adjust their vacuum generation requirements to meet their technological requirements. Combined with innovative motor design and intake control valves, the new series sets new standards for energy efficiency of vacuum pumps, thus greatly reducing total cost of ownership. Other notable benefits depend on applications, including increased production of food packaging lines.

Efficient and energy saving vacuum pumps provide energy and performance only at the time and place required. If demand drops to half, it will only provide half, and the power consumption will be cut in half. This is one of the main reasons why high efficiency and energy saving vacuum pumps can save 50% energy on average.


Energy saving vacuum pump Advantages:

Minimum energy consumption

Reduce by as much as 57%.

Fast Packaging Cycle

Packaging cycle increased by up to 10%.

Highest reliability

Maximum cost savings

Efficient and energy saving vacuum pumps help in efficient production in many manufacturing industries, such as food and meat processing, bottling, canning, plastics, packaging, printing, paper making, electronics, woodworking, house vacuum and central systems. Typical applications include lifting and handling, forming and shaping, vacuum packaging, preservation, freeze-drying, picking and placing, and pneumatic conveying.

From the design point of view, the new series of high efficiency and energy saving vacuum pump products are based on a proven compressor, and provide a fully wired, complete system in a shell, all access points are on the same side. Because of its plug-and-play design, the high efficiency and energy saving vacuum pump is easy to install and fast to install, thus saving time and space. It covers a small area.

Energy saving vacuum pump is the most successful energy-saving industrial vacuum pump. The first-class performance and the lowest energy consumption have been favored by the majority of users.

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