The requirements of gas properties on compressors

The air compressor in air compression technology is a machine that for fluid pressure and delivery. In the chemical plant system, compressor’s role is to transport and supercharge something like raw material,intermediate product,final product.So, the compressor must have the characteristics of long-term, reliable, continuous and stable operation, high efficiency and low cost.

The requirements of gas properties on compressors

Due to  Petroleum and chemical production types and process reaction processes are different in the petrochemical industry, From non-corrosive to strongly corrosive; from non-toxic to highly toxic; and extremely volatile, flammable, and explosive gas , The fluid delivered by the compressor is very different. Because the exhaust pressure is from low pressure gas. The pressure sound Pd is less than 0.2MPa (gauge pressure), and the ultra-high pressure compressor with the pressure above I000MPa (gauge pressure) at the end of exhaust. Therefore, the form of the compressor is also diverse.

Compressors used to transport various gases in the petroleum and chemical process and compressors used to transport various gases outside the process are called petrochemical compressor, There is no big difference between those compressors that being used for transport petrochemical gas and other gas. The main difference between them is that the compressors used in the chemical industry are different in materials and designs, mainly in terms of preventing corrosion and adapting to the characteristics of the chemical process

The compressor is very complicated in terms of structure, sealing form, material application, and has high requirements and difficulties in operation, overhaul technology, maintenance, management, etc.

The normal operation of the compressor is the key to ensuring production, if the compressor fails. It will affect normal production, and even cause half-stop, full-stop, or cause safety and equipment accidents. Therefore, the maintenance and repair of compressors occupy an extremely important position in the chemical production process.

Nowadays, with the development of petroleum and chemical industries, compressors for petroleum and chemical industries are developing in the direction of high speed, high capacity, corrosion resistance, durability, and standardization. And it is necessary to develop various types of compressors that deliver special gases. Therefore, there are many problems to be discussed in the design of the compressor. Such as in the gas characteristics of the compressor. Special requirements for sealing, problems in materials, structure, manufacturing and processing, and transmission methods. Maintenance and safety aspects

With the development of high technology and the deepening of energy-saving renovation of old factories, the production process of china’s petroleum and chemical industries will develop towards serialization and large-scale development. The high quality and low consumption of products are the main goals of enterprises, which requires long-term, safe and economic operation of chemical production. Therefore, the applicability and reliability of compressors for petroleum and chemical industries are particularly important.

Requirements for compressors in petroleum and chemical production are roughly as follows.

Must adapt to chemical process needs

In the chemical production process, the compressor not only plays a role in conveying gas. It also provides the necessary transportation (pumping) materials to the system. In order for the compressor to be stable and balanced during the chemical reaction process. And meet the pressure required by the chemical reaction. It is necessary to require the compressor’s discharge volume to be relatively stable. Once a certain factor affects production fluctuations, the compressor pressure and outlet pressure can also change accordingly to meet the process requirements.

Need corrosion resistance

Most of the media conveyed by compressors for petroleum and chemical industries, including raw materials and intermediate products, are corrosive. If the material of the compressor is not selected properly, the parts will be corroded and invalidated when the compressor is running, that is, it cannot continue to work.

For some gaseous media, if there is no suitable corrosion-resistant metal material, non-metallic materials can be used. When selecting a material pair, not only its corrosion resistance, but also its mechanical properties, cutting performance and price etc, must be considered.

Reliable operation

The reliable operation of chemical compressors includes two aspects: Long-period operation without failure, smooth operation of various parameters, and reliable operation are of paramount importance to chemical production. If the compressor fails frequently, it will not only cause frequent shutdowns and affect economic efficiency, but sometimes also cause safety accidents in the chemical system. For example, if the nitrogen conveying as an isolation system stops suddenly during operation, it may cause violent reactions, overheating, overheating, etc., or even explode and cause fires. The fluctuation of the compressor speed will cause the fluctuation of the displacement and the outlet pressure of the compressor, which will make the chemical production unable to operate normally, the reaction will be affected, and even the quality of the produced products will be lowered or scrapped.

Environment friendly and no leakage

Most of the gas media transported by compressors for petroleum and chemical industries are flammable, explosive, toxic, and harmful. If these gaseous media leak into the atmosphere from the compressor, it may cause fire or environmental pollution and harm the human body. Some gaseous media are expensive, and leakage will cause a lot of waste. Therefore, the compressor for chemical industry is required to be leak-free, which requires work on the quality of the compressor’s sealing, daily maintenance, and overhaul. Compressed air technology exhibition believes that the selection of good sealing materials and reasonable sealing structure can ensure that the shaft seal does not leak; in the operation, daily maintenance, and overhaul, it is also effective to prevent Means of leakage.

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