Vacuum Pumps for Web Printing Machine

We manufacture vacuum pumps for web presses, newspapers, semi-commercial, books and digital printers. Competitive printing, the solution is designed to ensure the best performance and quality at the lowest cost per copy.

Rotary Vacuum Pump for Printing Machine

Vacuum Pumps for Web Printing Machine

High Vacuum Generation
The service life of specially treated blades can be prolonged.

Technical parameter

Model Pump speed(m3/h) Motor Power(KW) Inlet Diam (inch) Rotary speed(rpm) Oil Capacity(L) G.W(kg) NoisedB (A) Dimensions(mm)
50HZ 60HZ
SV-010 10 12 0.37 (3ph)0.55 (1ph) G1/2 1400 0.5 20 64 405*253*210
SV-020 20 24 0.75 (3ph)0.90 (1ph) G1/2 2800 0.5 20 64 405*253*210
SV-025 25 30 0.75 (3ph)0.90 (1ph) G1/2 2800 0.5 22 64 405*253*210
SV-040 40 48 1.5 (3ph)2.2 (1ph) G11/4 1400 1.0 50 67 660*300*270
SV-063 63 75 2.2 G11/4 1400 2.0 83 68 695*420*295
SV-100 100 120 3.0 G11/4 1400 2.0 87 72 735*420*295
SV-160 160 192 4.0 G2 1400 4.5 152 74 805*520*410
SV-200 200 240 5.5 G2 1400 4.5 159 76 825*520*410
SV-250 250 300 7.5 G2 1400 7.0 230 76 1000*550*410
SV-300 300 360 7.5 G2 1400 7.0 236 76 1200*550*410
SV-630 630 750 15.0 DN100 960 35 620 75 1630*1300*980
SV-750 750 900 18.5 DN100 1150 35 640 76 1630*1300*980

Vacuum pump is a kind of rotary vane vacuum pump with compact structure, durability, safety and environmental protection. It is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, especially for various kinds of machinery and equipment. Quality and reliability.
Vacuum pump uses oil circulation lubrication, air-cooled type, no need for cooling water with a certain capacity of water and gas extraction. With different types of accessories, it can be widely used in various fields of industrial production.
Vacuum pump is a basic vacuum acquisition equipment. It is a single-stage compression chamber and three-piece rotary structure.
Special vacuum pump oil is used as working fluid.
Vacuum pump is mainly used in the low and medium vacuum range, for the extraction of ordinary air or inert gas, but also to extract a small amount of condensable gas such as water vapor. The working pressure of the pump is the limit pressure of the pump to the atmospheric pressure range.
Because of its strong, durable, reliable and economic advantages, products have been used more and more in various industrial fields.
The design of vacuum pump refers to the advantages of many foreign similar products, and has innovation and improvement. It fully reflects the reasonable combination of performance and use cost. It is an economical, reliable, durable, compact and light structure. It is especially suitable for the complete series of air-cooled machines and equipment, without cooling water (standard type), low noise, low vibration, stable operation, reliable, durable, environmental protection, energy saving, clean exhaust. Clean fume-free operation and maintenance is simple and low-cost, high-quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing process production. Continuous and uninterrupted operation of small and medium-sized pumps is driven by motor direct connection, the inlet and exhaust ports are driven by belt, the inlet and exhaust ports are driven by belt, and the large and medium-sized models of flange can be selected for vacuum acquisition with wider applicability of radiators or water cooling devices. The acquired equipment is also an ideal choice for manufacturers of main equipment to support and replace imported products.

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