Single stage turbo blower for aeration in wastewater treatment

The single-stage turbo blower is sometimes called exhaust fan, which is a kind of mechanical equipment that uses the rotating centrifugal impeller to make the wind. The modern blower is an electric blower that transforms electromagnetic energy into gas mechanical energy. At present, there are many kinds of blowers in the market, including axial-flow blowers and axial-flow blowers. This kind of blower is used in all walks of life.

High efficiency single stage turbo blowers with magnetic bearing protection and control technology. These compact devices include direct drive oil-free permanent magnet motor and integrated variable frequency drive (VFD) with PLC control, with line to line air efficiency.

With the help of carefully designed and proven magnetic bearing technology, the fan shaft is suspended and centered at both ends of each magnetic field. From the moment of power on, the magnetic bearing controller monitors and adjusts the magnetic field to keep the shaft centered, eliminating the need for contact, friction, and oil or grease lubrication. Continuous monitoring and adjustment of the magnetic field to keep the shaft centered ensures that catastrophic failures are avoided.

Turbo Blower

High efficiency single-stage turbo blower can only meet the aeration requirements of continuous operation, and achieve higher energy efficiency within the range of variable day and night and seasonal flow requirements. It is an investment in the better performance of water and wastewater treatment aeration.

On the one hand, the energy-saving project of the single-stage turbo blower relies on the production process, on the other hand, it means more high-quality supporting facilities and equipment. We have to admit that the energy-saving project makes this kind of small blower have a higher value of commodity and economic development.

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