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Description: Special impellor design, increased air flow, higher pressure, low noise and high effciency.
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Turbo Blower features:

1. High pressure,large air flow,low noise and light weight.

2. ADC 12, aluminium alloy material ,make light weight design.

3. I.E.C design for electric motor,full cut-off aluminium motor cover,special axis design,in order to increase working life of the Turbo Blowers.

4. Special design of impellers,make high pressure,large air flow ,low noise and longer running life.

5. Speical damper to adjust air flow,make sure air flow can be control stable,easy to handle.(suitable for CX ,TB,HYB series Turbo Blower)

Turbo Blower Advantages:

Unique Design
Special impellor design, increased air flow, higher pressure, low noise and high effciency.

Aluminum alloy in construction, all of our Centrifugal Blowers are lightweight and offer excellent heat dissipation. Continuous operation is standard requisite.

Low Vibration
Fully computerized balancing, the blades rotate stably at high speed with low vibration.

High Effeciency Performance
Rigorous testing on motor, dynamic characteristics, pressure resistance, insulation and coil windings.

Precise CNC processing with high accuracy allowance,
impellor runs contact free without oil,
meeting all environmental protection requirements.

Equipped with a low noise, high effeciency IP54 induction motor
and a specially designed silencer, our full series of
Centrigugal Blowers feature quiet operation.

Main Material
The main parts of the machine are all made of ADC-12 high strength aluminum alloy.

Motor cooper wire
The use of 180 – grade high – temperature copper wire, in the motor by a strong load or pump to transport high temperature gas, resistance to the high temperature generated by the motor and ma intain norma Ioper at ion.

Motor Bcaring
Use high strength, high temperature resistant special steel and EDK250 degree high temperature grease. Can adapt to long time non-stop operat ion.

Blower impeller
CX type fan impeller is a semi open type, integrally formed by the extension, without any welding repair. CX type fan impeller is special for pumping process can.

BIower advantagcs
The air inlet and outlet of the fan are designed independently, and can be adjusted atrandom and used for butt joint. The air outlet can be adjusted at four angles, and themotor can be replaced on the left and right. The air inlet can be equipped with air dust filter or air damper, which is used to adjust the air flow. The air outlet can beequipped with silencer to reduce noise.

Blower application
Suitable for conveying powder. granular impurities; drainage: rapid cooling, fastdrying. hot and cold gas pumping effect.

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