Air compressor for Chemical fiber and polyester

The compressed air produced by the air compressor is mainly used for the process, control instrument and instrument gas of polyester workshop and spinning workshop of chemical fiber enterprises

1. Spinning box
The main function of the box is to keep the melt, metering pump and spinning components warm. Biphenyl steam is used to heat and maintain the constant temperature. A freezing valve (through compressed air) is set at the entrance of each spinning position to make the melt solidify. The metering pump can be stopped and replaced separately. The box temperature is about 290 ℃. With the increase of spinning temperature, the flow viscosity of the melt decreases gradually, the homogeneity and rheological properties of the melt become better, and the spinnability is improved. But the melt temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will aggravate the degradation of melt and affect the normal spinning process and product quality.

2. Network nozzle
Before winding, the wire passes through the network nozzle to produce a certain degree of network, which makes the single wire hold well and is good for post-processing. The size of network degree, the uniformity of network junction distribution and the fastness of network junction are important indexes to measure the quality of network silk. About 20 per meter. When the network nozzle is fixed, the formation of the network knot depends on the tension, speed, compressed air pressure and the characteristics of the tow. All operators must check whether the wire is in the nozzle and whether there is air flow in the nozzle after they have a good start. Patrol inspection should also be strengthened in production.

3. cleaning
The disassembled spinning components and spinnerets shall be cleaned in the vacuum calciner. The cleaned spinnerets must be put into the ultrasonic wave for further cleaning, then dried with compressed air, and sealed for standby after passing the microscopic inspection.

4. Component cleaning
In the production process of color silk, one of the steps is component cleaning. The spinning components replaced from the spinning machine are immediately disassembled on the component decomposition table, and the spinning components and spinneret are sent to the vacuum calciner for cleaning. After cleaning, the spinneret must be put into the ultrasonic cleaning device for further cleaning. After ultrasonic cleaning, the spinneret shall be dried with the compressed air produced by the air compressor, put into plastic bags for storage after passing the microscopic inspection, and then put into the preheating furnace for preheating after assembly with the cleaned spinning components on the assembly platform.

The spinning production line has its own frequency conversion, which can adjust the motor operation according to the production needs, with low energy consumption. The special permanent magnet energy-saving motor for high-speed railway is adopted, which can reduce useless power, regulate speed evenly and save energy obviously. And two-stage efficient compression, double reduction of power consumption. It is the best choice for customers with energy saving needs.

Our commitment and our characteristics, all mechanical equipment purchased from our factory can accept the following commitments:
1. the factory can customize machine specifications according to customer requirements.
2. our factory can spray machine colors according to customer requirements (red, purple, Blue first).
3. Our factory can produce according to the special requirements of customers.
4. Based on the principle of mutual benefit, our factory provides customers with the most satisfactory international market price.
5. Our factory guarantees excellent after-sales service and customer safety.

Air compressor for Chemical fiber and polyester

Air compressor for Chemical fiber and polyester

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