Oil-free spiral vacuum pump

Oil free spiral vacuum pump is an advanced dry vacuum pump independently developed by our company. Because the spiral vacuum pump does not need oil lubrication or water sealing, and the pump cavity is completely free of oil, it has incomparable advantages compared with the traditional water ring vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump, piston vacuum pump, reciprocating vacuum pump and water jet vacuum pump. It is not only energy-saving and emission reduction, but also low-carbon and environmental protection, which is a new trend of the development of vacuum industry.

How to optimize the selection of Oil free spiral vacuum pump?

1、 Oil free spiral vacuum pump introduction to the principle
Oil free spiral vacuum pump has a long history, and the definition of vortex technology has appeared at the beginning of last century. However, due to the technical conditions can not meet the needs of production, it was not really produced until the 1970s, and this technology has been well developed since then. The oil-free screw vacuum pump has good stability, reliable performance, low noise, clean and environmental protection under the condition of energy saving. Because of these characteristics of high effectiveness and practicability, it is quickly loved by various manufacturers and put into practical application.

2、 Oil free spiral vacuum pump selection features
Clean and environment-friendly vacuum environment has always been the ideal environment for vacuum pump enterprises, while oil-free scroll vacuum pump just has the ability to produce clean vacuum. No contact is needed in the cavity of vortex vacuum pump, so there is no need for the application of vacuum pump oil, and there is no friction loss, no particle pollution.

It has high efficiency when vacuuming. There are O-rings between the outside and the inside of the vortex vacuum pump, and the internal structure is tight, the sealing performance is good, and the vacuum leakage is low. Not only that, but also convenient for later maintenance.

There are many pumping units in the vortex vacuum pump. The pressure difference is small. There are two vortex disks in the pump. The vacuum volume is large, the air volume is large, and the utilization rate is high.

Oil free spiral vacuum pump has superior energy saving and environmental protection functions and stable features. Due to the same common oil leakage, noise, oil return purification, high energy consumption and oscillation of rotary vane oil pump, the users are adversely affected, such as the oil vapor purification and process system oil return performance of biological products and semiconductors. The oil-free scroll vacuum pump reduces the cost of system manufacture and basic structure.

Today’s introduction of EVP vacuum pump comes to an end. There are more introductions on the price and model selection of oil-free screw vacuum pump on the official website of vacuum pump, and more basic introductions on screw vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump and rotary vane vacuum pump, all at www.evpvacuum.com.

Oil-free spiral vacuum pump

Oil-free spiral vacuum pump

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