double stage water ring vacuum pump in Oil refining

Before, in the oil industry, jet vacuum pump was generally used for deodorization and dehydration process equipment in the oil refining process. However, due to the poor wear-resistant performance of the equipment, it is necessary to frequently replace parts and inject oil for maintenance and repair work, thus affecting production, polluting the environment, making a lot of noise, high maintenance costs and increasing production costs. In order to ensure the production of oil industry, improve the quality of oil, save energy and reduce consumption, and reduce costs, the oil factory consults with us for vacuum solutions. Our technicians have conducted extensive investigation and research. After careful analysis, we have worked out a set of solutions for the application of the double stage water ring vacuum pump in the refining workshop of the oil plant.

Four parts of refining in the refining workshop of the oil plant are as follows:

(1) Degumming: the process of degumming by physical, chemical or physicochemical methods is called degumming. In the edible oil, if the phospholipid content is high, it is easy to bubble, smoke and stink when heated, and the phospholipid will be brown due to oxidation under high temperature, which will affect the flavor of fried food. Degumming is based on the principle that phospholipids and some proteins are soluble in oil in the sewage state, but not in oil after forming hydrate with water. Add hot water or steam into the crude oil, heat the oil and mix it under the temperature of 50 ℃, and then lay it still and separate the water phase to remove phospholipids and some proteins.

(2) Deacidification: free fatty acids affect the stability and flavor of oil. They can be removed by alkali neutralization, which is called deacidification or alkali refining.

(3) Decolorization: crude oil contains chlorophyll, carotenoid and other pigments. Chlorophyll is a photosensitizer, which affects the stability of oil, while other pigments affect the appearance of oil, which can be removed by adsorbent.

(4) Deodorization: there are some undesirable odor substances in the oil, which mainly come from the oxidation products of the oil. By means of vacuum distillation, citric acid was added to chelate the excessive metal ions and inhibit the oxidation.


In the refining workshop of the oil plant, the features of the double stage water ring vacuum pump are as follows:

1. The double stage water ring vacuum pump is simple, compact, stable and efficient.

2. The installation is simple, the floor area is small, and the required space is short. All components are combined and connected by flange plate, which is convenient for installation and disassembly.

3. Low noise, no running water.

4. Simple operation, stable performance and few accidents.

5. Convenient maintenance and long service life.

In the oil industry, since the choice of using double stage water ring vacuum pump, it not only ensures the normal production, improves and stabilizes the product quality, meets the process needs, but also saves energy, reduces consumption, reduces the labor intensity of workers, and creates good economic benefits for the enterprise. Therefore, the application of double stage water ring vacuum pump in the refining workshop of oil refinery should be vigorously promoted.

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