Rotary vane vacuum pump in IGBT module manufacturing process

Posted on Mon, 24 May 2021 09:17:43 +0000

With the rapid development of my country’s industry, industrial manufacturing has become the main driving force for economic development. IGBT module is regarded as one of the important high-power mainstream devices of power electronics. It is widely used in many industries. Today we recomm...

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Molecular vacuum pump for glass coating

Posted on Thu, 20 May 2021 05:50:15 +0000

Molecular vacuum pump for glass processing and coating With the continuous increase in the application range and application heat of glass, people’s requirements for the appearance, oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and UV resistance of glass have gradually increased. Theref...

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Circulating fluidized bed Roots blower

Posted on Mon, 17 May 2021 08:44:16 +0000

The return fan generally acts on the circulating fluidized bed to strengthen vulcanization. The return air is the source power to push the high temperature materials separated by the circulating ash cyclone to return to the furnace. The proportion of the return air to the total air volume is smal...

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Screw vacuum pump in real immersion equipment Application

Posted on Wed, 12 May 2021 08:12:18 +0000

Fore vacuum pumps of capacitor immersion equipment, oil-sealed mechanical vacuum pumps have been used for many years. Vacuum pump oil is easily contaminated by moisture and capacitor impregnant vapor. A new type of screw vacuum pump, the pump cavity is a dry vacuum pump that does not require oil ...

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Scroll type dry vacuum pump

Posted on Tue, 11 May 2021 07:52:03 +0000

The scroll dry vacuum pump developed by our company applies the scroll concept and principle to achieve the characteristics of no oil, more stable operation, lower noise, and more energy saving, no pollution to the environment, and the pumping speed, life, energy consumption, etc. Better than oth...

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Water vapor jet vacuum pump for the production of titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method

Posted on Sat, 08 May 2021 08:31:22 +0000

In the production of titanium dioxide by the sulfuric acid method, vacuum freezing and crystallization of ferrous sulfate is a new process technology. As the design and manufacturing unit of the steam jet vacuum pump in this set of equipment, in this article, we will combine this work practice, a...

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Three-blade Roots Blower

Posted on Thu, 06 May 2021 07:35:38 +0000

Product features (1) When the intermediate distance is the same and the outer radius is the same, the three-blade Roots blower with arc-shaped blades has a larger exhaust than the double-blade Roots blower. The displacement of the involute Roots blower has nothing to do with the number of rotor h...

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Liquid ring vacuum system In Building material steam recovery

Posted on Wed, 05 May 2021 06:07:19 +0000

In recent years, the government’s attention to environmental protection issues of enterprises has increased significantly, and all enterprises have been subject to environmental protection requirements such as restricted emissions and banned emissions. In the building materials industry, th...

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Steam ejector vacuum pump for vacuum distillation tower of oil refinery

Posted on Tue, 04 May 2021 05:33:45 +0000

The steam ejector is used in the atmospheric and vacuum distillation process of petroleum refining 1.Raw material: crude oil, etc. 2.Products: naphtha, gas oil, residual oil, asphalt. 3.Basic concepts: Atmospheric and vacuum distillation is the collective name of atmospheric distillation and vacu...

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Molecular pump for Mass Spectrometer

Posted on Mon, 03 May 2021 05:33:28 +0000

Molecular pump in Mass Spectrometer of application Analytical instruments need clean and dry high vacuum system, the vacuum range is 10-10 ~ 10-3mbar, turbomolecular pump technology has laid the foundation for the wide application of mass spectrometer and other analytical instruments. Requiremen...

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