Rotary vane vacuum pump in IGBT module manufacturing process

With the rapid development of my country’s industry, industrial manufacturing has become the main driving force for economic development. IGBT module is regarded as one of the important high-power mainstream devices of power electronics. It is widely used in many industries. Today we recommend the application of rotary vane vacuum pumps in the manufacture of IGBT modules.

As one of the important high-power mainstream devices of power electronics, IGBT has been widely used in household appliances, transportation, power engineering, renewable energy, smart grid and other fields. In industrial applications, such as traffic control, power conversion, industrial motors, uninterruptible power supplies, wind power and solar equipment, and inverters for automatic control. In consumer electronics, IGBTs are used in household appliances, cameras and mobile phones.

Composition of IGBT power module

The type of structure is not single, basically it is formed by welding the chip and the substrate. The process of vacuum pump in IGBT power module packaging is mainly used in vacuum reflow soldering and shell glue curing. Vacuum reflow soldering is to place the finished DBC semi-finished product in a vacuum furnace for reflow soldering. The shell glue curing is to fill the shell with A, B glue and then vacuum, high temperature curing to achieve the role of insulation protection. It is generally carried out in a vacuum drying oven.

Rotary vane vacuum pump in IGBT module manufacturing process

Oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump in IGBT module manufacturing process of advantages.

The oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump adopts the oil-lubricated rotary vane principle that has been used for many years in industrial vacuum applications, which is reliable and durable.

The oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump ensures the improvement of its performance. Built-in gas ballast valve as standard configuration to improve water vapor processing capacity. Other features include lubricating oil recovery design, thanks to this, all equipment can maintain continuous operation between ambient pressure and ultimate pressure. The outlet filter is equipped with an integrated bypass valve to prevent overpressure in the pump.

The oil separation circuit of the oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump reduces the oil mist content in the exhaust gas. The one-way valve at the air inlet prevents reverse exhaust during shutdown. This device can also prevent inhalation of lubricating oil.

Oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps provide high-efficiency vacuum performance and are suitable for key applications such as woodworking, rubber, plastics, electronics, paper and printing, and material transfer. More than 10 types of models have a pumping speed range of 16-840 cubic meters/h. Meet your application needs.

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