Liquid ring vacuum system In Building material steam recovery

In recent years, the government’s attention to environmental protection issues of enterprises has increased significantly, and all enterprises have been subject to environmental protection requirements such as restricted emissions and banned emissions. In the building materials industry, the emission of steam is quite serious. How to recover the waste heat steam after production has become a major headache for the building materials industry. EVP designed a set of waste heat steam recovery system, also known as liquid ring vacuum system. After use, not only the environmental protection problem is solved, but the effect is also greatly improved.

Liquid ring vacuum system In Building material steam recovery

For EVP, when the customer first found us, our technical team did not even know the so-called autoclave and waste heat recovery equipment. After a long conversation between the two sides, the technical team decided to take over the project based on years of experience and its own technology. Through the sample and request sent by the customer, EVP innovated a new system, and the environmental protection liquid ring vacuum system perfectly replaced the waste heat recovery system on the sample. Therefore, EVP is not only selling products, but also our rich technology.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps in the building materials industry of role

The energy consumption of the building materials industry accounts for about 9% of the country’s total energy consumption, and dust emission points account for about 55% of the country’s industrial emissions. Therefore, energy conservation and environmental protection are the biggest problems faced by the industry and the key to enterprise development.

EVP Vacuum Pump Factory Co., Ltd. through in-depth research, design, and manufacture of four-stage process improvement, saving about 10% of energy consumption, while also recycling the steam in the workshop

1.Residual steam recovery

2.Vacuum exhaust cold air and heat up quickly

3.Self-draining steam recovery, environmental protection in the workshop

4.Dewatering uses liquid ring vacuum pump instead of Roots pump, which is efficient and durable

Liquid ring vacuum pumps

Building materials steam recovery system engineering, environmental protection, recycling, your cost savings, is in EVP!

Hundreds of varieties, complete functions, can meet 99% of customer needs.

The products have passed the inspection of the Quality Supervision Bureau, and the processing is carried out according to ISO standards. The equipment adopts a CNC machining center to ensure the accuracy of parts and components. The entire pump needs to undergo a 2-hour simulation test.

With liquid ring vacuum pump unit and vacuum system application as its specialty. With high standards and high quality, it serves petrochemical, defense aviation, fine chemicals, sugar, environmental protection, medical, pharmaceutical and other industries, covering Southeast Asia, South America, South Africa, Europe, etc.

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