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Roots blower price and use method

Nowadays blower market, roots blower type is numerous, roots blower quality is mixed how to choose roots blower? Many customers have the idea that the more expensive the product, the better the quality. Of course, this is also in line with the blower market pricing rules. However, as for the purchasing personnel, they not only seek for the quality, but also the quotation is an important issue we need to consider. The price is suitable and the quality is excellent.

Why is there an offer for roots blowers these days? Originally this and the market competition as well as the sale of wind turbine manufacturers positioning. Some manufacturers are really strong, very good skills, after-sales service is also very perfect, they positioning high-end customers, so their quotation is high. The quotation is very low, originally their product quality and skill content are also very low, maybe there will be a variety of problems in the use of some products with low quotation, so some blowers should not be selected. Be able to trust a bit is, choose blower quotation center azimuth blower, from blower quality, quotation on the comprehensive to think, so blower feeling is appropriate. So when you buy goods, choose its appropriate goods, do not think to seek quality, perhaps quotation.
Many people will pay attention to the quotation of roots blower, whether the price is too high to meet the procurement demand, the original quotation of roots blower is changeable, it will change with the change of the blower market, so in the procurement must pay attention to the price is higher than the median price or lower than the median price.

Usage of roots blower

1. The belt cover (protective cover) shall be installed at the pulley (coupling) to ensure the safety of operation.
2. Check whether the motor steering meets the pointing request. Roots blower quote
3. Fill the oil tank with machine oil of regular trademark to the oil level line. The lubricating oil trademark is N220 gear oil for medium load operation.
4. In order to ensure the safe operation of the blower, it is not allowed to carry external loads such as pipes, valves and frames.
5, check the blower and motor alignment, alignment quality. Roots blower quote
6, check the unit near the base is not all pad, anchor bolt is tight.
7, open the blower inlet and exhaust valve, fan rotor disk, should be rolling sensitive, no impact and friction and other phenomena, confirm all normal conditions, can start the fan for trial operation. Roots blower quote
8. All parts of the fan shall be checked to see whether the parts are in good condition, the connection tightness of bolts and nuts, the device quality of fasteners and positioning pins, the quality of inlet and exhaust pipes and valve devices, etc.

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Blower selection is best to be able to provide detailed blower parameters: fan model, motor power, fan pressure, air volume, installation rotation Angle and working environment, as much as possible to provide fan parameters, so that we can choose more accurate and appropriate fan equipment for you. Contact us at

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