Roots screw dry vacuum unit in practical application of performance

Roots screw dry vacuum unit is a dry oil-free vacuum unit composed of roots pump as the main pumping pump and screw vacuum pump as the front stage pump. After the current screw vacuum pump works, the vacuum gauge and vacuum relay control the starting of roots pump.

Roots screw dry vacuum unit in practical application of performance

Main features advantages:
1. There is no oil in the pump cavity, no pollution to the pumped system, and clean vacuum can be obtained.
2. No oil in the pump cavity, it is very easy to achieve the recovery of solvent.
3. The pump cavity of Roots pump and screw pump are nickel plated or permeated with Hastelloy coating, which can remove water vapor, solvent gas and other corrosive media.

Vacuum pump system leak detection
What are the simplest and less costly ways to detect leaks in a vacuum system up to 0.05 Pa?
For example, a rotary vane vacuum pump limit vacuum can reach 0.06PA, pumping a suitable tank, itself can be pumped to 0.06PA now because there is a leak point, so can not reach 0.06PA.
The most accurate way to do this is to use a leak detector, attach a leak detector to the pump, and spray a small amount of helium on the tank, where the leak detector reacts. Leak detector cost is relatively high, the general market of second-hand about 50 ~ 100 thousand, depending on the degree of new and old. More practical method: the tank is connected with vacuum gauge, side pumping side to the possible leakage of a little alcohol, vacuum degree change of the place will have the possibility of leakage. It costs nothing, but it’s hard to detect in a crude vacuum. Use regular butter to cover all possible leaks. You may not find any, but it will stop the leak.

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