Vacuum pump and vacuum generator are widely used in pharmaceutical and food industry

In the 21st century, vacuum pumps are widely used in many industries, especially in pharmaceutical and food industries. How to choose vacuum pump and vacuum generator to constitute the conveying system equipment this has become a problem that each enterprise should face. At present, the equipment produced by the relevant vacuum pump and vacuum generator manufacturers is not very different, each has its advantages, how to choose their own products is the key.

Vacuum pump and vacuum generator are widely used in pharmaceutical and food industry

1.How to choose the vacuum pump and vacuum generator to meet the requirements of the main points of the vacuum conveying system are as follows:

(1) Adaptability of process. Due to the nature of each material and production process are different, we should first choose the appropriate model according to the process requirements;

(2) Production capacity. According to the production capacity requirements of the enterprise, the matching technical parameters of the manufacturer’s sample should be found and appropriately amplified to meet the production capacity requirements;

(3) Material of equipment. The material of the part in contact with the drug should conform to the provisions of GMP, and the composition of the whole vacuum conveying system should have no dead corner and blind cleaning area;

(4) Appearance structure. Not easy to dust, beautiful and simple, easy to clean;

(5) Convenient operation. The application of vacuum conveying system is to reduce dust flying, reduce labor intensity. Therefore, its operation is simple, strong controllability, convenient operation;

(6) Equipment performance. The equipment runs smoothly and reliably, the noise is relatively low, the maintenance is convenient, especially the brand and performance of the accessories are particularly key;

(7) Equipment security. There should be safety protection devices, especially the electrical department should have the guarantee consistent with the national safety standards;

(8) Standardization of instruments. Measuring instruments shall conform to measuring standards and corresponding calibration requirements;

(9) Strength of manufacturers. Experienced in the supply of similar equipment, can provide good cooperation in equipment installation, commissioning and technical training, can provide perfect after-sales service, spare parts supply is sufficient, spare parts at reasonable prices;

(10) Price. Under the premise of ensuring production needs and excellent performance, we strive for high quality and low price;

(11) After-sales service. After sale service is very important to order equipment, several different manufacturers of equipment under the same conditions, good after-sales service should be given priority. Generally speaking, the warranty period is 12 months after the equipment is installed and tested and accepted. 24 hours on-site service during the warranty period, after the warranty period should be able to provide users with maintenance, accessories and technical services.

2.Structure, principle and discharging mode of vacuum conveying system

2.1 There are many types of vacuum conveying system in China. Now take a classical vacuum conveying system as an example to talk about its structure. It is composed of vacuum pump, stainless steel suction nozzle, conveying hose, filter (PE, 316L stainless steel, titanium, cloth bag type and other filter options), compressed air back blowing device, pneumatic discharging door device, vacuum hopper, automatic control device for material level and electrical control.

2.2 vacuum pump and vacuum generator vacuum conveying system working principle, jet vacuum generator generates vacuum under the action of compressed air, the bottom valve is closed, vacuum system is formed in the container and conveying pipe, material from the feeding station is sucked into the conveying pipe, and into the container to feed. Filters are used for gas-solid separation to prevent dust and fine particles from being sucked into the vacuum generator and internal environment. When the material container is full, the vacuum generator stops working, the bottom valve opens, and the material is discharged from the container. At the same time, the blowback device is activated to clean the filter. After this process, the generator starts again, and the system enters the next working cycle. Among them, the suction and discharge time can be controlled by pneumatic and electric control.

2.3 vacuum pump and vacuum generator constitute the discharging mode of vacuum conveying system. The discharging mode of vacuum feeding system is divided into clearance discharging and continuous discharging. The production enterprise can choose the discharging mode according to the conveying distance and conveying materials.

Among them:

(1) Clearance discharge is beneficial to reduce the investment cost of equipment and facilitate material level control;

(2) Continuous discharging mode is generally used in long distance, large output of vacuum conveying material.

3, vacuum pump and vacuum generator vacuum conveying system and equipment matching in the vacuum conveying system and equipment matching, to consider the following points:

(1) whether the structure is simple and compact, convenient installation and disassembly, at the same time to consider the installation and storey can be convenient maintenance;

(2) can be long distance transmission, the throughput should be appropriately large;

(3) Whether it is convenient to use and detect. If the dual control system is adopted, the operation is flexible and the maintenance cost is low.

(4) To achieve stable product performance and reliable work. On this basis, but also to consider the realization of automatic control, especially with equipment joint control;

(5) Low noise, full airtight conveying, improve production and product quality;

(6) The equipment should be equipped with backblowing system, with good filtering effect;

(7) The vacuum conveying system should have wider adaptability, such as tablets, pills, gypsum, decoction pieces, capsules, raw material particles/powder and mixed particles/powder, etc.


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