vacuum pump in medical treatment

For the medical industry, for hospitals and medical and health institutions, it is very important to equip a set of safe and reliable equipment. Vacuum pump provides high efficiency solution for medical industry. The application of vacuum pump in medical equipment mainly includes: steam sterilization, respiratory device, air mattress, protective clothing, dental treatment instrument, central vacuum system, etc. Vacuum pump products mainly include roots vacuum pump, dry screw vacuum pump, oil-free vacuum pump, oil-free piston vacuum pump and vacuum system. Next, let’s talk about the application of vacuum pump in the medical industry.

With the vacuum technology in the field of production and scientific research, the pressure range of its application is becoming wider and wider. Most of them need several vacuum pumps to form a vacuum pumping system to pump together to meet the requirements of the production and scientific research process. Because of the wide range of working pressure involved in the vacuum application department, it is impossible for any type of vacuum pump to be fully applicable to it All working pressure ranges can only use different types of vacuum pumps according to different working pressure ranges and different working requirements.


Application of vacuum pump in medical treatment

The use of vacuum pump to cool dry human plasma began to enter the market. In the following decades, the use of vacuum pump to cool dry the long-term preservation of arteries, bones, skin, cornea and nerve tissue and other organs began gradually. Because it can keep biological cells from being destroyed when it is cold dried, organisms still have vitality after it is cold dried. After rehydration, organisms can be resurrected and replanted. With the development of medical science, other organs of the human body are expected to be stored in cold dry for replantation.

Vacuum drying is based on the boiling temperature of the droplets in vacuum, that is, the physical characteristics of the evaporation of the liquid even at low temperature. For example, in the pocket position, the liquid still exists after cleaning and is difficult to be removed by other methods, while vacuum drying can make it evaporate as quickly as the residual liquid on the workpiece surface.

Once the working chamber is occupied by the parts to be cleaned and sealed, it needs to be vacuumized with a vacuum pump at a pressure of about 100mbar. The cleaning medium is pumped to the working chamber through a water pump. The vacuum chamber ensures that the cleaning solution penetrates into the smallest chamber. For example, the jack cannot be ignored due to the air gap. There can be different steps in the subsequent cleaning process. It usually includes the process of immersion and spray cleaning. Sometimes ultrasonic cleaning is used, which is usually followed by one or more cleaning cycles. When the cleaning solution is removed, the actual vacuum drying process occurs. In this process, the pressure in the working chamber is further reduced after being pumped by the gas of the vacuum pump. At this time, the generated steam is sucked out by the vacuum pump and transferred to the exhaust pipe.

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