Vacuum Pump in Vacuum Furnace Unit

EVP vacuum technology focuses on the nineteenth National Congress and actively innovates. At present, rotary vane vacuum pumps are widely used in vacuum smelting, liquid steel degassing, vacuum freeze-drying, vacuum distillation, vacuum concentration, vacuum attraction, etc., especially in petrochemical, light textile, paper-making, food and medicine industries. EVP rotary vane vacuum pump will be applied in more fields in the future.
Next, EVP Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce the specific situation of 500 kg multi-function vacuum induction furnace. Firstly, the main pump and the vacuum system are selected according to the gas quantity produced by the equipment, the working pressure required by the user, the limit vacuum degree and the pumping time. Then, according to the working requirements such as the pumping time, the suitable type of intermediate pump and the front pump are selected.

Rotary Vacuum Pump in Vacuum Furnace Unit Application

The main pump is oil booster pump, the middle pump is Roots pump, and the front pump is mechanical pump (piston vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump). Because of the long start-up time of the oil booster pump, when the vacuum chamber is loading and unloading, in order to shorten the cycle without stopping the main pump, the high vacuum valve and the front pipe valve are closed, so that the main pump is still in working state. However, due to irresistible factors such as valve leakage, the pressure in the main pump chamber increases, which easily exceeds the maximum allowable pressure of the working fluid and causes the oxidation of the pump oil vapor. In order to solve this problem and save energy, Punock vacuum technology uses maintainer pumps at the main pump population in large-scale vacuum systems. The vacuum furnace is multifunctional. In order to meet the technological requirements of users, oxygen and argon blowing should be carried out under low vacuum conditions. In the process of blowing oxygen and argon, a large amount of dust and smoke may be removed, which has a great impact on the life of mechanical pumps and Roots pumps. Therefore, we choose to equip another water ring pump to remove a large number of impurities such as dust.

Vacuum Pump in Vacuum Furnace Unit

Maintenance of Vacuum Furnace Pump System: Common Problems

To maintain an efficient pump system, you need to recognize the most common problems that may arise with mechanical pumps and diffuser pumps and know how to correct them.
Common Problems of Mechanical Pumps
Oil pollution is the most common problem of mechanical pumps. Steam in the pumped gas often mixes with oil and may reduce pumping efficiency. To prevent pollution, open the air ballast valve of the pump to help remove steam. Other common problems of mechanical pumps include sludge accumulation; loose belts; inappropriate oil level; blockage of oil pipelines; incorrect oil temperature setting; and oil containing particles, which can lead to valve damage.
Common Problems of Diffusion Pump
Reflux seems to be one of the more reported problems in diffusion pumps. This problem may occur when you allow the furnace cold pump to overheat for 24 hours or because of insufficient coolant flow. As the vacuum pressure continues to drop, the fluid gas molecules attempt to counter-flow toward the vacuum vessel. Reflux can be counteracted by using a cold trap between the throat of the diffusion pump and the vacuum chamber. The use of cold traps reduces the ability of oil to flow back into the furnace. Other common problems of diffuser pumps include power failure, excessive front pressure, blockage of oil return port in the prototype, heater failure and high leakage rate of the system during pumping.

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