How often is the filter element of the vacuum unit replaced?

The exhaust filter element of the vacuum unit will be worn after being used for a long time, and sometimes even emit black smoke. If this phenomenon occurs, it indicates that the filter element really needs to be replaced. In the process of using this filter element, many people will wait until the filter element is completely ineffective before replacing it. In fact, this will cause great damage to the vacuum unit.

How often is the filter element of the vacuum unit replaced?

When cleaning the main filter element every time, pay attention to check the condition of the safety filter element. If dust is found in the safety filter element, be sure to find out the reason. If it is confirmed that the main filter element has failed, it should be replaced in a complete set immediately regardless of whether the specified cleaning times have been reached. Avoid oil mark pollution blocking the filter element. At the same time, the ponding and oil stain at the bottom of the air compressor used to clean the filter element of the vacuum pump of the vacuum unit shall be discharged in time. It is recommended to install an air dryer at its air outlet to separate the oil and water in the air and avoid polluting the filter element during cleaning.

1. Judge by the operation of the product. If the performance of the filter element is found to be reduced, it will smoke. Once this happens, our staff should replace it immediately. If the working state is stable, it needs to be judged by other methods and ways.

2. Generally, the filter element of the vacuum unit should be replaced after 2500h operation. Because in the process of high-speed operation of the product, a series of chemical reactions will reduce its efficiency under the influence of gas pressure. In addition, we can also judge according to the performance of the driving current.

How often is the filter element of the vacuum unit replaced? In fact, it can not be generalized. The production efficiency of the vacuum unit will be affected by the use effect of various pumps. As an important part of the pump, the filter element needs good service performance to ensure the performance of the vacuum pump. Therefore, we should regularly check the filter element to prevent the normal operation of the unit from being affected by the problems of the filter element.

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