Liquid ring vacuum pump in mineral water degassing process


Liquid ring vacuum pumps can be widely used in the food and beverage industry.

Liquid ring vacuum pump in mineral water degassing process

Mineral water degassing

Natural water source mineral water contains carbonic acid, minerals and iron. If it comes into contact with air, the iron dissolved in the water will oxidize, making the taste of the water worse. It is necessary to remove iron from the water at a pressure of about 50 mbar, but first, the EVP water ring vacuum pump is used to remove the carbides in the water, and then it is introduced to produce soda water.

Mineral water degassing

Process flow chart of mineral water treatment

One: Pretreatment, the water treatment uses quartz sand as the basic filter material for filtration. Quartz sand filter material is a more commonly used water treatment filter material, which has a good treatment effect on sediment, manganese, rust and other magazines in the water. It basically filters the magazines with larger particles

Two: Reduce the chlorine content in the water and other substances that can produce harmful to the human body. Generally, activated charcoal is used as a filter.

Three: reduce the hardness of water. Water contains a lot of calcium and magnesium plasma, hard water will be very harmful to the human body. We use sodium ion exchange water for softening. When the calcium and magnesium ions contained in the resin layer pass through the resin layer, calcium and magnesium ions It is adsorbed and releases sodium ions at the same time.

The reverse osmosis water treatment device is the core system of the soda water production line equipment. The main components of the reverse osmosis water treatment equipment are composed of multi-stage high-pressure centrifugal pumps, filter elements, membranes, pressure filters, softeners, and sterilization devices. After the raw water is filtered through sand and gravel, activated carbon, ion exchanger, and micro air filter, it can be made into pure drinking water through reverse osmosis membrane imported from the United States.

Small bottle filling soda water production equipment is mainly used for beverage filling operations. The three functions of washing, filling and capping are combined in one body, and the whole process is automated. It is suitable for filling juice, mineral water, and pure water in polyester bottles and plastic bottles. It can also be hot-filled with a temperature control device. . The adjustment of the applicable bottle shape of each part is realized by rotating the handle, which is easy and convenient. The filling method adopts a new type of micro-pressure filling, which makes the filling speed faster and more stable. Therefore, compared with the machine of the same specification, the output of this machine is higher and the benefit is greater. This machine adopts advanced OMRON Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to control the automatic operation of the machine and the bottle inlet air duct. Adopt frequency converter to adjust the speed and cooperate with the host frequency converter to make the bottle feeding operation more stable and reliable. The photoelectricity detects the operating status of each component, so the degree of automation is high and the operation is simple.

Process flow and characteristics of soda water production line

Raw water → raw water pump → mechanical filter → activated carbon filter → water softener → precision filter → reverse osmosis equipment → pure water pump → ozone sterilization → water point

The equipment is advanced and adjustable. It is suitable for the food and beverage industry, boiler water supply, chemical and pharmaceutical process water, wine industry, community branch water supply, commercial water, spray water for automobile coating, process water for factories and mines, and pollution-free water for flowers.

In addition to sodium bicarbonate, natural soda water also contains a variety of trace elements, so it is a good drink. At present, only a few countries in the world, such as France, Russia, and Germany, produce natural soda water. Natural soda water is rich in boron, zinc, selenium, chromium plasma minerals and trace elements. These trace elements are in an ionic state and are more easily absorbed by the human body. They have an ideal pH value. The pH value of natural soda water produced by a soda water production line It is weakly alkaline, which is very necessary for transmitting oxygen, regulating metabolism, eliminating acidic waste and preventing diseases.

Liquid ring vacuum pump

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