The bearing lubrication and troubleshooting of water ring vacuum pump

1. Lubricating the bearings

Grease type , operating conditions
Lubrication intervals of 4000 hours of operation each applyunder normal operating conditions and at ambient temperatures up to 40 ℃。
The regreasing intervals apply to normal loads, low-vibration running, approximately neutral ambient air and, the use of high-grade roller bearing greases in the selection table. These greases containe lithium soap as a thickening agent and mineral oil as base oil, which permit the specified regreasing intervals.
Do not mix greases containing different thickening agents and base oils.

Lubrication with re-greasing device
To grease the bearings, clean the grease nipples and press in the prescribed grease with a grease gun, at the same time, the shaft should be slowly rotated to distribute the new grease in the bearing. At first, the bearing temperature increases noticeably and then drops again to the normal value once the surplus grease has been expelled from the bearing.

Dismantling, assembly
Fill bearing cavities fully with lubrication grease. To avoid over greasing, do not fill grease on bearing caps.
When assembling, make sure that the axial shaft sealing ring (V-ring) is installed correctly and that the sliding surface is greased;
When fixing the outer shaft seal ring, the correct axial position of the V-ring has been achieved when the bearing cap surface and the outer edge of the V-ring are conplane. Therefore, it is recommended to use a corresponding assembly aid.
The correct position of internal shaft seal ring is ensured by the respective locating groove in the shaft.

2.How to resolve the high temperature bearing ?

1.Water is filled in the bearing house, the grease oil emulsification and deterioration
2. The bearing house has impurities
3. Vacuum pump is overloaded
4. The clearance of port plates between each pump is too large

1.Changing the grease oil in the bearing house.
2. Flushing the bearing house multiple times
3. Reducing the load according to process indicator properly
4. Adjusting the clearance of port plates for each pump to reduce its leakage

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