Show time: 2015-09
Exhibition period: One year term
Held areas: Asia – Dubai
Exhibition Industry: Printing / Packaging / Paper

Papermaking raw materials, pulp, paper, paper chemicals, paper products exhibition area: all kinds of paper, cartons, cardboard, cardboard boxes and other paper packaging materials, industrial and household paper and other processing of paper, paper with a net, felt raw and auxiliary materials and other equipment;
Papermaking machinery and equipment exhibition areas: living paper machinery, pulp manufacturing machinery and equipment and accessories, paper machinery, carton machinery and equipment, spare parts, auxiliary equipment and instrumentation, processing paper equipment, dewatering, crushing equipment,vacuum pumps,vacuum valves,distillation pump,pipeline of new technology and equipment and paper, paper saving technology and equipment;
Corrugated Machinery Exhibition area: Cardboard processing equipment and spare parts corrugated cardboard production line, Single Facer, thin blade slitter, slitting machine, cutting machine, paper machine, corrugating, cotton belt, slitting knife, cross-cutting knives, rotary steam joints, clutches, brakes, etc;
Paper Chemicals Exhibition area: various pulp and paper chemicals and various additives;
Other Paper Expo exhibition area: paper automation and computer control systems; Paper Environmental and waste treatment technology and equipment: white water recycling technology and equipment, de-inking technology and equipment, the use of recycled and environmentally friendly processing technology and processing equipment, paper waste treatment, utilization new technology and equipment; handling and packaging machinery and equipment; postpress technology equipment.

Show Description

Arab Dubai International Paper Printing Expo India by Arab ALFAJER information services company, packaging and related machinery Manufacturers Association jointly organized received strong support from the Dubai Trade and Industry Bureau and Paper Technical Association of the United States. The expo is the only for the entire Middle East from the Gulf region, including Africa, India, Central Asia, suppliers, traders, distributors, manufacturers and processing, printing, importers, etc., and can meet the business from raw materials to complex mechanical, equipment, technology, until the finished paper, tissue procurement needs and jams products trade event. The exhibition attracted visitors from Iran, Turkey, Ethiopia, Sudan, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other countries and regions, the number of visitors increased by 13% compared to 2010, so that exhibitors achieved the business and a lot of sales leads from Europe and India, the show is still harvested orders. The exhibition of Chinese enterprises to participate in a total of 15, including nine for a tissue machine manufacturer, has made a good response.

Middle East and the surrounding area is the paper industry is relatively backward areas and huge market potential. As the local industry can not meet the growing consumer demand, the Middle East and paper market, about 62% of the paper needs to be imported. At present, the total consumption of about 10 million tons of paper in the Middle East, of which about 7 million tons imported. With the transformation of the Middle East and North Africa to improve living standards and consumer awareness, demand for high-grade toilet paper, paper towels, sanitary napkins, diapers are also increasing. In this situation, many local plants have been put into living tissue, they produce high-quality equipment and toilet paper demand has also become an excellent market opportunity for development. Paper demand in the region of 10% per year growth rate; the annual growth rate of tissue paper, corrugated paper is 5% -7%; local printing industry is even based on a 15% annual growth rate. Dubai is seen as opening up the Middle East market and trade the best business platform, it is the largest re-export center in the Middle East, but also the third largest re-export center in the world after Hong Kong and Singapore; domestic annual imports of more than 19 billion.


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