Mexico International Packaging Exhibition

Show time: 2015-06
Sponsor: American Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute
Holding period: one year term
Exhibition Industry: Printing / Packaging / Paper – Packaging
Venue: North America – Mexico – Mexico City
Held Venue: Centro Banamex, Mexico Pavilion
Exhibition Scale: 10000-20000

Show Description
Mexican International Packaging Exhibition (EXPO PACK México) is an internationally recognized Mexico’s most comprehensive packaging trade fair, an annual, from 2006 onwards has also joined the Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition (INTERPHEX).

Market Background
With the economic recovery in Latin America, Mexico’s economy developed rapidly, becoming the largest economy in Latin America. Mexico is one of the world’s top ten exporters and importers of packaging machinery, packaging equipment 85% comes from imports. China packaging machinery quality and competitiveness in the Mexican market is very attractive. We Chinese enterprises to participate in the exhibition, you can directly confront the Mexican customers make Chinese products more into the Mexican market. In Mexico, the main customer base of packaging machinery and equipment separately from the food, pharmaceutical, personal care and beverage industries. Food packaging machinery market accounted for 40% share, pharmaceutical, personal care and beverage industries in the field, respectively, accounted for 20%, 14% and 20% market share. The main opportunities for Chinese products in the Mexican market is also in the food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries.


Packaging machinery, sealing machine, packing machine, labeling machine, filling machine.
Containers and packaging components, raw materials, packaging containers.
Food processing machinery,pharmaceutical machinery, related equipment and auxilliary systems.

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