China International Auto Parts Expo 2015

Exhibition: June 2015 3–6
Venue: Beijing Exhibition Center
Approved by:Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce
Organizers:China Association of Automobile Manufacturers
Supported by: Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers Beijing Automotive Industry Association Beijing Society of Automotive Engineers
Sponsor: Shanghai liter Connaught Exhibition Services Ltd.
Shanghai Feng Wei Exhibition Services Ltd.
2015 China International Auto Parts Expo is the International Auto Parts Expo China Association of Automobile Manufacturers in accordance with international, professional, organized by market principles. Show support for the global market and the aftermarket, set Chinese and international automotive products industry as a whole, trends, new products, new technologies, new materials, new technology publishing and the transformation and establish a brand image, introduction of advanced technology, equipment, key parts, advanced management and overseas intelligence, expand imports, increase exports, development of new markets, domestic and foreign investment and cooperation, development, production interaction, exchange abroad and many other features in one, Chinese and international auto parts industry to provide a full range of display, platform purchase, exchange, and cooperation.
International Auto Parts Expo held earlier Forum and professional activities, the global economy will be hot topics, industry trends and the latest developments and discuss technology trends, international procurement topics, technology and innovation topics, distribution and aftermarket topics, negotiations, training dialogue, colorful activities to provide wide-ranging, deep-level value-added services for exhibitors and buyers.

China – the world’s largest auto market, consumer and producer countries the focus:
China’s auto industry prospects, the national car production will continue to grow. 2015, domestic car sales are expected to surpass the United States, the aftermarket is expected to increase 700 billion yuan output value is more, the world’s largest auto market. The rapid development of the automotive industry as well as in Beijing Beijing government promotes, the auto parts industry provides a solid foundation and strong market support. The next 10 years, 70% of the global automotive growth will come from Asia, many multinational car prices, said ready to shift its strategic focus to China. Beijing’s goal is to undertake the transfer of international auto parts production, automotive parts “global supplier.”

Beijing Auto Parts Fair highlights, events and professional buyers organizations:
Huge procurement team – event will be invited from China, the US, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Africa, the Middle East, Japan, Korea, India, Turkey, Singapore, Vietnam Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, many automotive OEMs,  automotive parts ,Vacuum impregnation technology vehicles and parts (casting) depends on the piston vacuum pumps and after-market buyers, suppliers and famous international procurement logistics associations, led a delegation to visit procurement.
The most complete industry coverage, taking into account the vehicle supporting and aftermarket!
Before the show to promote sustained, in-depth; developing professional activities, and efficient; supporting timely after the show, rich!
Highly professional, auto parts and aftermarket OEMs supporting both supply;
The introduction of professional pavilions from Europe, America, South Korea, Singapore and other countries and regions;

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