The 6nd Beijing International Water supply and drainage,water treatment Exhibition

Exhibit City: Beijing
Exhibition time: 2015-07-19 to 2015-07-21
Venue: National Conference Center
Exhibition Address: East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing Tian Chen on the 7th
Organizers: China Environmental Protection Association of Machinery Industry

Events Calendar
Preparation time: 17-18 July 2015 08: 30-17: 30 Opening Time: at 9:30 on July 19, 2015
Show Time: 19-21 July 2015 09: 00-16: 30 Closing time: at 14:00 on July 21, 2015

◆ Achievements: Water, water supply and water management, promotion of brand image display, showing the results of scientific research institutes, such as water treatment.
◆ water supply / drainage and sewer (pump control valve): Construction and down the water equipment, water supply equipment, drainage systems, pumps and lifting systems, tube / pipe, valves / fittings, ventilation shafts / special structures / technology, new sewer construction, sewer systems modern, sewer inspection, sewer cleaning, sewer leak check, cooling tower water pipe cleaning equipment.
◆ Water and wastewater treatment: mechanical and physical treatment process, the separation system, mixing rake, Filters, filters, pool and water fountain equipment, chemical processing technology, biochemical process, sludge and residue treatment, sludge dewatering consolidation, sewage dried mud liquid ring vacuum pump, sludge incineration, sludge reuse, recycling and re-processing of biogas, waste heat recovery, and other water treatment chemicals and materials.
◆ water treatment equipment and membrane: membrane and membrane module, industrial / process water, sewage treatment equipment, water recycling, such as desalination and utilization.

◆ end of the water: domestic / commercial water, water purification equipment, ultraviolet disinfection equipment, reverse osmosis equipment, filtration equipment, pure water, distilled water, high pure water and other water technology  vacuum pump and equipment, bottled water bottling systems and equipment and so on.
◆ rainwater collection and utilization / flood control: siphon roof drainage collection system to collect rainwater storage tanks and accessories, rainwater overflow tank, storing rainwater tanks, stormwater sedimentation tanks, and storing rainwater infiltration, drainage Filters, rainwater storage tank cleaning system, disaster prevention and relief equipment.
◆ Measurement, Control and Laboratory Technology: Process measuring instruments, meter, analytical instruments, measuring devices, water quality monitoring systems, water, sewage control, sensors, transmitters, transducers, automation systems, electrical simulation systems, laboratory equipment and so on.

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