Vacuum oil purifier vacuum pump

Vacuum oil purifier is an ideal equipment to get off water, gas and impurity from transformer oil, turbine oil, engine oil, hydraulic oil which are used in power plants, electricity substation, electrical equipment factory, mining factory etc.

Main application
1)To purify oil and supplement oil on the spot for oil-filling transformers, oil-filling current, voltage transformers and oil-less breaker.
2)To make a circulating drying to equipment hot oil on the spot, especially to the above equipment.
3)To fill and supplement oil on the spot to the oil sealing equipment and make a vacuum in equipment.
4)To purify transformer light rancid oil to assure its performance.

Working principle

A vacuum oil purifier is designed according to the principle that water has a different boiling point from oil. It is composed of elementary filter, oil-supply pump, heater, vacuum tank, vacuum pump, condenser, fine filter, oil-discharge pump and electrical cabinet. Vacuum oil purifier vacuum pumps suck gas in the vacuum tank and form a vacuum in there. With the help of the oil-supply pump, oil goes into the elementary filter by inlet pipe, and then gets into the heater after big articles in oil is removed. When oil temperature reaches 40-70℃, oil will pass an automatic oil lever valve, which controls automatically the oil volume to maintain the oil balance in vacuum tank, and get into a vacuum vessel. Water in oil gets evaporated very fast and water vapor is pumped by vacuum oil purifier vacuum pump into the condenser. Water vapor gets discharged in water form from the condenser. After being dehydrated and degassed, oil is discharged into the fine filter by oil-discharge pump, and then little articles in oil is removed.


1.Multi-functional. It could degas, dehydrate and suck impurity and offer vacuum to degas and dehydrate.
2.Safe and reliable. Pressure, temperature, liquid level are exactly indicated and automatically controlled. High efficiency, but low cost.
3.Reasonable structure. It could be moved.

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