Roots vacuum unit of Technical specifications

During the use of Roots vacuum unit, it is necessary to understand the relevant operating indicators. Only in this way can we timely master the correct operating methods. Therefore, in order to further better use, it is necessary to understand the relevant requirements and operating methods. Here is a brief introduction.

Roots vacuum unit of Technical specifications

It overcomes the shortcoming of low extraction rate of single water ring pump when using limit pressure difference (extreme pressure unit is much higher than water ring pump). Under a certain pressure, the root pump can quickly intercept and the extraction rate is high. In particular, it can adapt to a large amount of compressible steam, especially when the compressibility of steam is not eliminated enough by the gas seal mechanical vacuum pump, or the use of solvent will make the pump oily and affect the performance, or the vacuum system does not allow oily pollution, which is more obvious. When equipped with explosion-proof motors and electrical appliances and in accordance with the corresponding safety regulations, flammable and explosive gases can also be excluded. Therefore, roots pump water ring pump unit is widely used in vacuum distillation, vacuum evaporation, dehydration and crystallization in the chemical industry; Freeze drying in food industry; Vacuum drying in pharmaceutical industry; Polyester chips for light textile; High altitude simulation test of vacuum system.

Supporting facilities of Roots vacuum unit: control cabinet, vacuum meter, pipeline, rack and valve.

As long as roots vacuum unit can not operate correctly in service time, its advantages cannot be reflected in the operation process. Therefore, correct methods must be mastered in time. So I hope everyone can study hard.

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