stainless steel electric ball valve is plugged into feed hole when matters needing attention

It is forbidden to plug the plug-in box with electricity. After installation, the front and rear claw type chucks shall be fixed on both sides of the electric ball valve, and the screws shall be tightened. When the plug-in box with large-scale switch is installed vertically, the bottom shall be equipped with a bearing bracket; During horizontal installation, load-bearing hoops shall be added. Transition connection of electric ball valve: the starting end of pneumatic ball valve is connected with the terminal of power distribution cabinet, and tinned hard copper bar shall be used for transition connection. When the starting end of the ball valve is connected with the transformer, generator set and other equipment with large vibration, copper braided soft connection shall be adopted.

When copper busbar is connected with aluminum conductor, copper aluminum transition bar or copper aluminum transition piece shall be used. The operators for safe power transmission of electric ball valves are qualified professional electrical installation personnel, and non professional personnel need to leave the field. During power transmission, the ball valve system shall not carry any electrical load, and all branching devices shall be disconnected. Maintenance and repair of electric ball valve: the pneumatic ball valve shall be regularly maintained at least once a year during long-term operation. The total load current shall not exceed the design current and the rated current of the main pneumatic ball valve.

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