The 19th International Welding Materials

The 19th international welding materials, equipment and technology exhibition

Date: October 15, 2019 solstice 18

Location: ECC Sokolniki, pavilion 4,4.1, Moscow

Weldex is the largest international exhibition of welding materials, equipment and technology in Russia. This is the most important event in the Russian welding industry. Buyers and professionals from home and abroad meet at the fair to get to know new products and services, arrange and purchase equipment, and discuss pressing industry issues at conferences and seminars.

This is the highlight of the industry calendar. Buyers and professionals from all over the country meet at the show to see new products, find new suppliers and share new ideas.

Weldex has visitors throughout the industry. They represent important groups of Russian buyers, such as aerospace, industrial equipment, metal production, oil and gas, shipbuilding, civil engineering and so on. Every year, they come to Weldex to meet with exhibitors from all over the supply chain, from cutting to quality control and everything in between.


Welding equipment and materials
Cutting equipment
Industrial robot
Coating equipment and materials for protecting and hardening coatings
Welding quality control equipment
Welding tools and accessories
Personal and collective protective equipment
Edge preparation tool
Industrial gases
Welding fastener equipment
Polymer material welding equipment

Vacuum pump for welding equipment.

The 19th International Welding Materials

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