vacuum unit of cooling cycle process

The temperature of the water discharged from the vacuum unit during use is high, which will have a certain impact on the transmission medium. Therefore, during the transmission of the medium, the cooling and heat treatment of the transmission medium is carried out by means of transmission medium in the cooling circulation system. Next, let’s take a look at the equipment used in the cooling circulation principle together with the small series.

vacuum unit of cooling cycle process

Considering the high drainage temperature of vacuum equipment and the large temperature difference between vacuum equipment and air, forced air cooling is adopted in the design, and the water discharged by the vacuum unit is cooled after passing through the radiator. During the cooling process, the water pump first connects the water from the reservoir to the water jet, and then connects the other side to the cooling water inlet of the unit.

The water in the sprinkler passes through the small holes through the perforated plate effect to form a vertical downward dense water column. Under the action of the exhaust fan, the water returns to the reservoir after surface evaporation, heat dissipation and cooling. The distribution of holes on the perforated plate will generally affect the position of the water column. Therefore, the holes on the perforated plate should be evenly distributed as far as possible to make the air fully reach the water column, so as to form a larger evaporation surface and achieve the purpose of water cooling.

The above is the cooling cycle principle of the vacuum unit. In the cooling process, the transmission medium first passes through the radiator, and then contacts with the cooling medium for cooling treatment. In this process, the flow of cooling water can be directly observed in the device, so it can also be flexibly adjusted in the cooling process.

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