What is the full circulation and partial circulation system of the working fluid for liquid ring vacuum pump ?

Full circulation is with a heat exchanger, and the circulating working fluid has been used repeatedly;

Partial circulation means that part of the working fluid is drained then it will be supplemented accordingly; For example, one system requires the water circulation 2 m3/h, and the full circulation means always using this 2 m3/h waters, and then make up for it when it is lacking.

Partial circulation is that after this 2 m3/h waters enter the steam-water separator, the steam-water separator is with drain port, and the water is drained out while exhausting. For example, if 1 m3 is drained then the rest water is not enough for liquid ring vacuum pump. The user has to add another 1 m3 fresh water to it. Then if it keeps draining then making up accordingly.

Below picture one is the Full circulation type;

Below picture two is the partial circulation type ( please note that this picture seems to be a partial recirculation style, but our product is not actually. In the case of partial recirculation, the curved pipe runs the working fluid. The one in the picture is the one we used normally to prevent cavitation, and the one we used was air. If the customer wants to recycle part of it, in addition to the cavitation pipe, we also need to equip a water pipeline.)

What is the full circulation and partial circulation system of the working fluid for liquid ring vacuum pump ?

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