2019 ARMPROD Expo

The 18th international professional exhibition

LOGOS EXPO center and the association of Armenian manufacturers and businessmen (employers) are pleased to invite you to the ARMPROD EXPO 2019, an international professional exhibition

LOGOS EXPO center association of manufacturers and businessmen (employers)

Official support:
Armenian agriculture ministry
Exhibition venue:
Armenia, yerevan, saint. A. Akopian 3
Exhibition hall “yerevan exposition”

Exhibition date:
October 18, 2019 solstice 20

The ArmProd EXPO, the largest international food EXPO in the republic, is one of the major events that major food and beverage manufacturers, suppliers and distributors attend each year.

Leaders of the domestic food industry and leading Armenian food companies chose this exhibition to showcase product and innovative development, as the “ArmProd EXPO” promotes the effective realization of qualitative food, commercial productivity, and finds new methods and practical decisions for modern transformation. The market.

ArmProd EXPO fully covers the food market in Armenia and is segmented according to the theme, presenting all branches of the food and processing industry and reflecting the main development trends of agro-industrial complexes at home and abroad.

Food processing technology;
Agricultural machinery and equipment;
Agricultural technology;
Containers and packaging;
Seeds and saplings;
Bread and pastry products;
Meat products. Poultry. Sausage products;
Fish and seafood;
Dairy products. Cheese;
The grocery store. Spaghetti. Spices;
Sunflowers and vegetable oils;
Snack on dried nuts;
Tea. Coffee. The coffee machine;
The vegetables. Fruit. Canned vegetables and fruits;
Canned goods. Seasoning. Tomato sauce. Salad;
Good food. Restaurant products;
Frozen food. Convenience foods;
Fruit juice. Water. Soft drinks.
Alcoholic beverages;
Healthy food. Natural and organic products.

Vacuum pump for food processing.

2019 ARMPROD Expo

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