The 8th Paper Vietnam 2019

Exhibition Information:
Expected exhibition area: 2,000 square meters
Estimated number of exhibitors: 100 exhibitors
Estimated number of professional audiences: 2,500 + audiences in 20 countries

Exhibition time:
June 26-27, 2019  9:00-17:00
June 28, 2019  9:00-16:00

China National Chemical Information Center (CNCIC)
Vietnam VEAS Co., Ltd.

Support units:
Ministry of Industry and Trade Vietnam (MOIT)
Vietnam Pulp and Paper Association
Indian Agro & Recycled Paper Mills Association

Brief introduction of the exhibition:
The exhibition is the only professional paper industry exhibition in Vietnam. The exhibition has received strong support from pulp and paper associations in Vietnam, China, Thailand and Indonesia. The participation and publicity of the association will effectively expand the influence of the exhibition and attract more professional audiences for the exhibition.
Demand growth and rapid development of Vietnam’s paper industry have attracted the attention of many investors and trading companies. The exhibition will provide a platform for exhibition and exchange in Asia’s paper industry, and provide Vietnamese purchasers with more opportunities for cooperation, development and market expansion by presenting solutions, technologies and services in the paper industry.

Scope of exhibits:
Paper machinery and equipment: pulp manufacturing machinery and accessories, paper machinery and equipment, carton machinery and equipment, spare parts, auxiliary equipment and instrumentation, paper processing equipment, dehydration, press equipment, pumps, valves, pipelines and new papermaking technology and equipment, energy-saving technology and equipment; corrugated paper equipment, packaging paper equipment, handling and packaging machinery and equipment;

Domestic paper machinery and equipment: toilet paper machine, toilet paper rewinding machine, paper towel folding machine, slitting machine, packaging machine and other domestic paper processing equipment, dryer, headbox, paper machine blade, grinder, embossing roller, pulping equipment, valves, vacuum pump and other related equipment accessories;

Paper raw and auxiliary materials, pulp, paper, paper products: Paper products packaging materials such as paper, cartons, cardboard, cartons, processing paper such as various industrial and living papers, paper nets, wool and other raw and auxiliary materials;
Paper chemicals: modified starch, sizing agent, dry/wet strength agent, fluorescent whitening agent, dyes, pigments, coating adhesives (adhesives), functional paper chemicals, process paper chemicals;

Paper-making environmental protection and three wastes treatment technology and equipment: white water recovery technology and equipment, deinking technology and equipment, recycled paper utilization processing and environmental protection treatment technology and equipment, intermediate water treatment, black liquor recovery technology and equipment, paper-making three wastes treatment, comprehensive utilization of new technologies and equipment;

Paper automation and computer control system: Paper automation detection and control instruments, instruments and transmission equipment;

Exhibition consultation:
Address: 410, Block B, Huaxin Building, 33 Anding Road, Beijing
Contact person: Li Xiaoqi
Telephone/fax: 15511630232, 15010235046
Wechat: xq6164

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