Agrilevante 2019

Agrilevante 2019… A Mediterranean agricultural activity!
Bari expo focuses on agricultural machinery, plants and technology

Held on October 10, 2019 at Agrilevante, the international agricultural supply chain machinery, equipment and technology exhibition, the most important exhibition for primary industries in the entire Mediterranean basin.

This exposition, undertaken by experts and professionals, covers the location of 50,000 square meters and above housing 300 companies covering six departments of production (chain Cerealicola, tow-chain crops without food, chain olive Olearia, chain Ortofrutticola, chain wine and animal technology supply chain).

The olive oil supply chain

Olive oil supply chain technology in Agrilevante:
Nursery, olive plant construction, pruning
Olive grove management machines and products
A harvester for trimming residuals
Mechanized collection, collection nets, plastic crates
Olive oil extraction line
Olive processing machine; Thresher, washing machine, crusher, granulator, kneader, extractor, separator, solid transport, pump and valve
Short chain extraction equipment
Stainless steel silos and containers, slag cylinder, bottling machine

Pump company showcases vacuum pumps at bari expo dedicated to agricultural machinery, plants and technology as follows:

Agrilevante 2019 liquid ring vacuum pump
The event provides visitors (approximately 70,700 in 2017 edition, with more than 40 authorized foreign delegations) with a complete panorama of effective solutions throughout the production cycle: from soil treatment and preparation to seeding, from irrigation to treatment, to product collection, transportation and initial processing stages. In addition, there are non-food supply chains, such as those used for industrial and energy raw materials.

This activity is particularly targeted at typical crops in the Mediterranean, for which mechanized industries can provide a wide variety of technologically advanced vehicles and equipment.

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