Dry screw vacuum pump used in organic solvent suction filtration process


With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The quality of products and production costs determine the survival of enterprises. In the manufacturing process of medicines and intermediates, the requirements for a clean vacuum environment are getting higher and higher, and cost control is getting stricter. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the production process is both energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the commonly used vacuum pumps are divided into two categories: wet and dry. Traditional wet vacuum drying systems generally use liquid ring pumps or liquid ring roots vacuum pumps. Due to the limitation of the wet vacuum pump, not only the solvent cannot be fully recovered, but also a large amount of waste water and exhaust gas are generated. This not only puts cost pressure on chemical and pharmaceutical companies, but also brings challenges to health, safety and environmental protection.

Dry vacuum system usually consists of roots pump and screw vacuum pump to form a vacuum unit. Compared with the liquid ring vacuum pump, the screw vacuum pump has neither sealing liquid nor cooling liquid in the working chamber, and the exhaust pressure is higher than atmospheric pressure. The exhausted solvent can be completely condensed and recovered on the exhaust side. At the same time, Realizing zero discharge of waste water and waste gas can improve economic and social benefits.

Organic solvent suction filtration process

Practice has proved that the dry screw vacuum pump can meet the process requirements of organic solvent suction filtration in the pharmaceutical process. The economic benefits of dry screw vacuum pump applications come from two aspects: organic solvent recovery and water saving.

① Water saving: Dry screw vacuum pump basically does not consume water. The water ring vacuum pump is calculated at 1.5 tons of water per hour, 5 hours a day; tap water is calculated at 4.5 yuan/ton, and the sewage treatment fee is calculated at 30 yuan/ton, which saves 259 yuan of water consumption per day.

②Condensation and recovery of organic solvents: After distillation, they can be returned to production and use, which can reduce the amount of industrial acetone used and achieve cost-saving effects. Examples:

Dry screw vacuum pump is used: suction filtration runs for 5 hours a day, an average of 67 liters of organic solvent can be recovered per hour, and the average acetone content in the organic solvent recovered by sampling and testing is 92.5% (the purchase price of industrial acetone is 8.5 yuan/kg, and the acetone is recovered by distillation The cost is 1.5 yuan/kg, the rectification recovery rate is about 90%, and the acetone density is 0.785g/mL).

Cost saving: 80 liters/hour×6 hours×92.5%×90%×0.785 kg/liter×(8.5-1.5) yuan/kg=1532 yuan/day

Payback period

150,000 yuan ÷ (1532+259) yuan/day=84 days

In addition, the application of dry screw vacuum pumps can also bring huge environmental benefits: most of the volatile organic solvent gas is condensed and recovered, which can greatly reduce gas emissions; the use of circulating water cooling technology greatly reduces waste water emissions.

Dry screw vacuum pumps are used in the pharmaceutical process, which can not only save costs and improve economic benefits, but also improve environmental benefits, thereby increasing social benefits. Therefore, in the pharmaceutical industry, dry screw vacuum pumps have received more and more attention and applications from manufacturing and application units.

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