The influence of the working efficiency of the vacuum pump

With the rapid development of economy in our country, the vacuum pump industry in our country have also maintained the momentum of rapid growth, and realize the steady and continuous development. In its rapid development at the same time, the vacuum pump companies and users are constantly explore how can promote the vacuum pump operating efficiently, which are the factors affect the vacuum pump work efficiency.Below will introduce that and  let us to get to know it.

Influence the efficiency of the vacuum pump work:

1, The steam pressure

Low vapor pressure and pressure fluctuations have a great effect on the ability of vacuum pump, so the steam pressure should not be below the required working pressure, but the vacuum pump structure design has been used to finalize the design, improve the steam pressure does not increase too much smoke gas and vacuum degree.In addition, to ensure the supply of boiler

Steam pressure stable, had better use a steam boiler for steam injection pump to provide work, won’t appear so steam pressure fluctuations, ensure stable vacuum pump performance.

2, Circulating cooling water

Cooling water flow is insufficient, the condenser will be fever, air flow noise, vacuum falling fast, even the steam back into the exhaust tube.Condensed water plays a decisive role in the multistage pump, condensation water can be plenty of steam condensation of water vapor partial pressure in vacuum pump discharge pressure

Necessary is higher than the corresponding full steam pressure, thus condensed water temperature less than the full temperature under pressure, to ensure the normal operation of the pump body.

3, The nozzle

Nozzle is an important part of a vacuum pump performance, the problems are: the wrong nozzle, loaded askew, jams, damage, corrosion and leakage, no matter what preventive measures, nozzle clogging is inevitable.On the one hand, because the installation steam pipeline, pipeline residual iron and slag Plug nozzle;On the other hand, when the vacuum pump system outage, steam pipe is easy to rust, rusty spot in the fall when using plug nozzle.

4, The use of the environment

Environment is mainly refers to the influence of the gas is pumped to the system of pollution, in the process of liquid steel disposal, liquid steel can emit a lot of gas, but also there will be a part of the subtle oxidation sheet jelly and other small particles drawn into a vacuum pump, these small particles can accumulate adhesion on the pump body, reduced the extraction Pipe flow guide, extended the extraction time, down pump can qigong.

5, The use of vacuum pump type

Vacuum pump generally includes water ring vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, rotary piston vacuum pumps, diffusion pumps, roots pump, molecular pump etc, customers can choose according to their process needs suitable vacuum pump, both to save the economic cost, also can make the biggest work efficiency。

Through the introduction, we can preliminary understanding to what are the factors that influence efficiency of vacuum pump work.In our future use process, avoid the use error, to make better use of vacuum pump.

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