Rotary vane vacuum pump energy-saving control device structure and applicable oil

Rotary vane vacuum pump energy-saving control device comprises a rotary vane vacuum pump and connected with asynchronous motor drives, rotary vane  pump connected to require sealed containers, as well as vacuum gauges, control devices and AC voltage regulation devices. The connected vacuum gauge pressure sensor is located in a sealed container, vacuum gauge electrical signal output of the control device is connected to AC voltage regulator control means for controlling the termination device is connected to the grid, the output AC voltage regulator device termination asynchronous motors.

Gas pressure signal received sealed vessel vacuum gauge pressure sensor within the transmission, by the transmitter into the amplification control means. Control means stores a signal to adjust the gas pressure in accordance with the voltage program, the gas pressure comparing the received signal with the set value, when the gas pressure in the container is drawn below the set value, the AC voltage regulator of the step-down instruction issuing apparatus. AC voltage regulator device according to the instruction control unit when the gas pressure is reduced to reduce the voltage to provide asynchronous motor, thereby reducing energy consumption. Vacuum gauge mounted gas pressure display table, you can display a sealed container of the current gas pressure.

AC voltage regulation device may be changing device asynchronous motor wiring, the control device in determining the gas pressure is less than the set value, issued instructions buck, buck AC voltage regulator device receives instruction delta to star connection to reduce motor stator phase voltage, when the control device without antihypertensive instruction, maintain delta asynchronous motor. This simple method buck structure, low price, but the power supply voltage is only two steps, can not be accurately adjusted.

AC voltage regulator device can also be a three-phase AC voltage regulator thyristor phase shifting device, the control device in accordance with instructions issued buck gas gauge, when receiving the down command control device, stepless adjustment down the voltage supplied to the motor, can achieve maximum efficiency control. But the control is more complex, costly, and the three-phase AC voltage regulator thyristor phase shift will increase the loss of harmonic currents and harmonic motors, energy savings will be discounted.

AC voltage regulator device can also be a three-phase sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) AC voltage regulator, controls the gas pressure in accordance with instructions issued by the buck, buck when receiving instruction control device, stepless adjustment down to the voltage to the motor, to achieve maximum efficiency control. This regulator is the best way, but the control of complex and expensive.

AC voltage regulator device is connected to the power grid overload protection, overload protection devices for asynchronous motor protection circuit breaker or thermal relay.

What rotary vane vacuum pump oil?

Rotary vacuum pump oil has been a problem with what users are most concerned about, because the use of rotary vane vacuum pump is needed most when the oil pump, rotary vane vacuum pump oil generally require normal replacement cycle for 6-12 months, but often in the course of the user is not in accordance with product instructions to use the vacuum pump oil emulsion caused by deterioration or entering dust.

When the rotary vane vacuum pump into the condensable gas or dust, the vacuum pump will result in dilution and turbid oil is well known in the rotary vane vacuum pump with a vacuum pump oil lubrication and sealing effect, when the vacuum pump oil deterioration, rotary vane vacuum pump chamber work when the vacuum seal on the one hand it will lead to poor vacuum reduction, exhaust volume decreases. Followed by the friction between the rotary vane pump chamber and increased greatly reduce the life of rotary vane vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pump oil it has a vital role, rotary vane vacuum pump oil with what is required according to the different types of rotary vane vacuum pump different quarter the company hotline.

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