The structure classification of oil seal vacuum pump

The structure classification of oil seal vacuum pump

Oil-sealed vacuum pump : which is use oil sealing the gap between the moving parts , this rotary displacement vacuum pump can reducing harmful space , This kind of vacuum pump is usually equiped with gas ballast device , so also called gas ballast vacuum pump . the oil seal vacuum pump structure is divided into the following five types of features .

1, the rotary piston vacuum pump :

Outside of the eccentric rotor is equipped with a slide valve , a rotor driven rotary slide valve along the inner wall of the vacuum pump casing and rolling , sliding slide valve stem in the upper swingable spool sliding rails , and the pump chamber into two variable volume . Rotary piston vacuum pump pumping principle with rotary vane pump are similar, but different structure . Rotary piston vacuum pump is to use the plunger mechanism to change the volume of the suction chamber , so that the rotary piston pump .

2, the rotary vane vacuum pump :

The rotary vane vacuum pump rotor and stator of eccentric installation fixed surface tangent, two (or more) sliding vane in the rotor slot (usually a radial) and contact with the lining of the stator, the pump cavity is divided into several variable displacement of a revolving variable volume pump.Usually, rotary vane and the clearance between the pump cavity oil as a seal, so the rotary-vane vacuum pump are generally as a mechanical vacuum pump oil seal type.
Rotary vane vacuum pumps are low . It may be used alone , or as other high vacuum pump or high vacuum pump before . Rotary vane pumps are mostly small and medium sized pump , the product has been serialized . Rotary vane pumps are single stage and two stage two kinds , generally do double -level , in order to obtain a higher degree of vacuum. Most rotary vane pump is a single working chamber structure , commonly two radial vane , also useful for three oblique vane . Vane vacuum pumps are also throughout the application .

3 , fixed vane vacuum pump :

In the vacuum pump housing with a pump near the inner surface of the eccentric rotor , the casing is provided with a rotor surface is always in contact with the radial vane , when the rotor rotates, the vane to the next slide to the pump chamber into two variable volume . Fixed vane vacuum pumping speed is small, there is a single-stage , two-stage of the points, two-stage pump ultimate vacuum of up to 10-1Pa. Pump is simple structure, long life and easy maintenance , but because of its better performance rotary vane pump , so now rarely production and application.

4 , trochoidal vacuum pump :

Eccentrically in the vacuum pump chamber is equipped with a type of line trochoidal rotor , which will rotate along the inner wall of the vacuum pump chamber into two variable volume pump chamber . Balancing the vacuum pump is good , so the pump is running more stable , vibration is also small , the speed can be increased , you can do small size, high pumping speed , suitable for the development of high pumping speed of the mechanical vacuum pump. Since the suction line is short and thick , will help improve the low pressure pumping speed. Therefore, in the low pressure range (1 ~ l00Pa) trochoid pump pumping speed is superior to rotary piston pump characteristic curve . Trochoid pump rotor and casing are a pair of conjugate tooth engaging movement , so that the gas to be pumped contains a certain amount of dust and small particles less sensitive . Trochoid pump adapted higher temperature environment , the temperature control device through the pump chamber to maintain a higher temperature (i.e., a trochoid pump ) for pumping a lot of condensable water vapor.

5 , multi-chamber rotary vane vacuum pump :

In a  rotary vane vacuum pump housing in parallel with an electric motor driven by the same multiple independent studio rotary vane vacuum pumps.

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