Liquid ring pump is used for biogas circulation

Biogas, as the name suggests, is a gas found in swamps.People often see, in the marsh, sewage or septic tank, there are bubbles coming out, if we strike a match, it can be lit, this is the natural occurrence of biogas. From the perspective of scientific definition, biogas is a kind of combustible gas produced by microbial fermentation in isolation from air (reduction conditions) and at an appropriate temperature and pH value.Biogas is a secondary energy source and a renewable energy source.

Biogas is a kind of mixed gas produced by the fermentation of microorganisms under anaerobic conditions.Since this gas was first found in bogs, it is called marsh gas. Human and animal manure, straw, sewage and other organic matter in the closed biogas tank, in anaerobic (no oxygen) fermentation conditions, by a wide variety of biogas fermentation microorganisms decomposition and transformation, thus producing biogas.

biogas circulation

Biogas is a mixture of gases with properties similar to natural gas. In addition to the direct combustion of biogas for cooking, drying agricultural and sideline products, heating, lighting and gas welding, can also be used as fuel for internal combustion engines and the production of methanol, formalin, carbon tetrachloride and other chemical raw materials. After the fermentation of biogas plant, the feed liquid and sediment contain rich nutrients and can be used as fertilizer and feed.

The main component of biogas is biogas. Biogas is composed of gases such as 50%-80% biogas (CH4), 20%-40% carbon dioxide (CO2), 0%-5% nitrogen (N2), less than 1% hydrogen (H2), less than 0.4% oxygen (O2) and 0.1%-3% hydrogen sulfide (H2S).Because the biogas contains a small amount of hydrogen sulfide, it is slightly odorous.Its properties are similar to those of natural gas.If the air contains 8.6 to 20.8% (by volume) of biogas, it will form an explosive mixture of gases.

biogas, the main component of biogas, is an ideal gaseous fuel. It is colorless and odorless, and will burn when mixed with air. Pure biogas has a calorific value of 34,000 kilojoules per cubic metre, while biogas has a calorific value of 20,800-23,600 kilojoules per cubic metre. That is, 1 cubic meter of biogas can produce as much heat as 0.7 kilograms of anthracite coal after being completely burned.Compared with other gas, its anti-explosion performance is better, is a good clean fuel.

Biogas has a long history as an energy source. Biogas project has become a practical and effective method for renewable energy utilization and environmental protection all over the world. In addition, there are biogas power generation technology (biogas power generation in developed countries has been widely valued and actively promoted. In some western European countries, biomass power generation accounts for about 10% of total energy., biogas fuel cell technology, pollution control, and so on.

Shanghai EVP in the biogas industry has a very good application, we contact the more common are: biogas perfusion, and biogas transportation.

We take biogas transportation as an example, generally need liquid ring pump to circulate biogas.

liquid ring pump to circulate biogas.

The parameters as below:
● Biogas flow of 120 Nm3/hr
● System to be 1 unit in use, with spare parts (to ensure short repair time (< 4 hr) once system fails)
● The biogas has a certain level of water vapor and H2S: biogas composition 60% CH4, 35% CO2, 3% H2S and 2% water vapor
● pressure outlet 1.0 barg (max. 1.5 barg)
● pressure inlet 0 barg (1 atm)
● inlet gas temperature 35 degree C
● outlet gas temperature <40 degree C

According to the above parameters, we choose 2BE1 series water ring vacuum pump for our customers.

2BE liquid ring vacuum pump, the ultimate vacuum is 33hpa, and the gas volume is 246m3/h-9450m3/h.

2BE liquid ring vacuum pump

We can also pump a larger speed vacuum pump, such as our 2BE3 liquid ring vacuum pump, the ultimate vacuum is 33hpa, and the gas volume is 4200m3/h-62400m3/h

2BE3 liquid ring vacuum pump

EVP Vacuum has extensive experience in the biogas industry, please feel free to communicate any questions.

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