Cavitation phenomenon of preventive measures and eliminating method

Liquid ring vacuum pump in cavitation condition working for long hours , will cause the bigger noise and vibration of the water ring pump, even cause damage to the vacuum pump,

thus avoid liquid ring vacuum pump in the condition of cavitation, can through the following methods:

1, Lower the temperature of the working fluid
In liquid ring vacuum pump working point as the premise of a fixed value, lower the temperature of the working liquid can achieve prevent cavitation effect.

2, make the vacuum pump running in a safe area, improve the accuracy of the model selection
This requirements in the selection type stage, choose liquid ring vacuum pump suction pressure and the working fluid temperature as far as possible to avoid the liquid ring pump

cavitation occurs easily pressure range.

3, install cavitation protection line or check valve

Occurring in the process of cavitation bubble burst in the compression process, the introduction of high pressure of the non-condensable gas from outside can timely supplement by

bubbles burst of space, it can greatly reduce the damage to the pump cavitation and reduce the noise and vibration caused by cavitation.

2BV liquid ring vacuum pump and 2BE1 water ring vacuum pump have cavitation protection interface. when the vacuum pump cavitation phenomenon occurs, from the cavitation of pump exhaust side protection interface filling the non-

condensable gas can eliminate cavitation noise, and greatly reduce the cavitation damage to the pump.

4, Equipped  with air ejector

Such as liquid ring vacuum pump suction mouth is equipped with air injector, the cavitation phenomenon of liquid ring pump is not easy to happen.

5, Use lower saturated vapor pressure of liquid as working fluid.

6, pump impeller, disc adopts the material of strong ability to prevent cavitation.

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