2BE3 water ring vacuum pump operation procedures

Starting the vacuum pump

Test starting, check the water ring vacuum pumps and other devices can work normally, the turning of the motor and pump is correct, if correct, can be used.

To infuse water pump and open the inlet valve and rinse about 15 to 20 minutes, turn the rotor by hand at the same time, to observe whether can normal operation, discharge of sewage.

Check the butter in the bracket and the stuffing box is enough, even the axis machine is on.

Start the motor, pump vacuum degree and equipment within the existing vacuum adapt slowly after open the inlet valve close pressure regulating valve.

Open pump through air valve and the pressure regulating valve, close the inlet valve.different vacuum pump have different operate procedure.such as rotary vane vacuum pump and other pumps

Stop the vacuum pump

Open the pressure regulating valve, close the inlet valve, and close all water valves, cut off the electrical power supply.

Release water pump, water accumulation in the released gas water separator.

Stop before you can check the corresponding equipment into the stop condition.

Water ring vacuum pump vacuum and compression

Water ring vacuum pump application

Water ring vacuum pump in some process, both vacuum and compressed gas two functions, water ring vacuum pump in this respect is unmatched by other types of vacuum pump, especially the pumping medium needed for inflammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, recycling and other gases.

In food production or processing enterprise, for example, oil extraction, hexane needed, in order to recycle to reduce costs, as well as the requirements of environmental protection, at the time of condensate recovery n-hexane requires a vacuum state, then the water ring vacuum pump can provide stable vacuum, uncooled n-hexane was vacuum pump into the system, the loop again, this time, will have the effect of the compressor, vacuum pump for water ring vacuum pump is isothermal compression, so the exhaust temperature is not high, and the liquid ring pump cavity environment, also to prevent the risk of gas steam.A similar process, also widely used in oil and gas recovery.

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