Water pump maintenance

Firstly, The power supply should be inspected: the connection whether firm; the switch contact whether dense; the fuse whether blown; the three-phase power supply whether equal or not. If there is a broken circuit, poor contact, blown fuse, or lack of phase, the cause should be ascertained and repaired in timely. Secondly, Check the water pump itself whether mechanically faulty.

 One: the water pump can’t start:

Causes: Overfilling of the gland packing or accumulation of debris between the impeller and the pumpbody; Pump shafts, bearings, and leakage reduction rings rusting; Severe bending of the pump shaft.

Remedy: Relax the gland packing and unclog the gutter; disassemble the pump to remove debris and rust; adjust the shaft or use new shaft.

Two: the flow is not enough:

Causes: Mostly suction pipe leakage, bottom valve leakage; water inlet block; bottom valve into the water is not depth; pump speed is too low; seal ring or impeller wear is too large; suction water height exceeded etc.

Remedy: Check the suction pipe and the bottom valve, Then block the air leakage source; clean the sludge or plugging at the water inlet; the water depth of the bottom valve must be greater than 1.5 times the diameter of the water inlet pipe, increase the water depth of the bottom valve; check the power supply voltage and increase the pump speed. Replace the seal ring or impeller; lower the installation position of the pump, or replace the high-head pump

Third: it can’t suction water:

Causes: There is air in the pump body or water inlet pipe , or the bottom valve is not closed tightly, the filling of the vacuum pump is leaking badly, the gate valve or the shutter door is not strictly closed.

Remedy: 1, Pressure the water up first, fill the pump body with water, then turn on pump. At the same time, check the cut-off valve whether tight, pipes and joints whether leaking. If it have the air leakage, remove it and apply lubricating oil or blending paint to the joint, and tighten the screw.

2, Check the oil seal ring of pump shaft and replace new parts if wear is serious.

3, Pipe water leakage or air leakage. Maybe  the nut is not tight when it be installed. If leakage is not serious, it can be covered with cement in the leakage place. It also can be made with wet mud or soft soap as temporary repairs. If water leaks in the joint, please tighten the nut, if the leakage is serious, the cap must be reassembled to replace the cracked pipe, and reduced the pump head. Press the nozzle of the pump under water in 0.5m.

Four: it can’t get out of water:

Causes: Pump body and suction pipe not full of diversion water; dynamic water level lower than pump filter pipe; suction pipe broken, etc.

Remedy: check the bottom valve and fill up the diversion water; reduce the installation position of the pump so that the filter pipe is under the moving water level or pump water after water level rise over the filter pipe; repair or replace the suction pipe.

Five: The pump body vibrates violently or makes noise:

Causes: The water ring pump is installed not well or the pump is installed too high; the motor bearing is damaged; the main shaft of the pump is bent or it is not concentric with the motor main shaft and it is not parallel.

Remedy: Reduce the installation height of the pump; replace motor bearing; correct the curved shaft of the pump or adjust the relative position of the pump to the motor.


Six: Excessive power consumption:

Causes: Pump speed is too high; pump shaft bend or pump shaft is different parallel to motor shaft; pump head is not suitable; pump suction sediment or blockage; motor bearing damage, etc.

Remedy: Check circuit voltage, reduce pump speed; correct pump shaft or adjust the relative position of pump and motor; select suitable head pump; clean sediment or blockage; replace motor bearing.

Seven: Drive shaft or motor bearing overheated

Causes: Lack of lubricating oil or rupture of bearing, etc.

Remedy: Add Lubricate oil or replace bearings.

These just are the common causes of pump “disease”, not all of them. In practice, the malfunction is dealt with the specific problems and actual analysis, we should follow the principle of “first outside and then inside”, please do not operate blindly.

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