Water ring vacuum pump liquid seal control promble and process medium inject some unreasonable factors

Water ring vacuum pump liquid seal control promble and process medium inject some unreasonable factors

Water ring vacuum pump liquid seal control problems

The vacuum pump main body of water by pumping liquid seal ring works, water ring determines the level of liquid seal and vacuum pumping speed of the pump. Early adopters of the water ring seal liquid flow straight rows are nourishing way, are a problem in the process control, the economy and the environment.

① When pumping C02 gas, appear to prevent fouling of equipment, pipelines, industrial water can not be used. In addition, some companies run the vacuum pump system in the acid corrosion and corrosion Cl-, so when using the pump selection and the use of desalinated water lined with stainless steel.

② In addition, the vacuum pump 12 run at maximum working liquid amount 155m3 / h, from the economy and environmental considerations, the working fluid must be recycled. How to ensure the working fluid circulation and control, through demonstration, and ultimately determine a feasible solution, namely the first time four pump stations share a gas-water separator, by adjusting the air-water separator liquid level, control of water ring vacuum pump liquid seal level, with good results after the vote.

PSA as a physical adsorption decarbonization technology, energy saving effect is obvious, but there are effective gas yield problems. How to ensure better yield optimization process run more smoothly, to be in the next production run constantly sum up, improve, optimize and improve and create a better economic benefits for enterprises.

Process medium inject some unreasonable factors

Before the first flange pump suction gas temperature of 238 ℃. The first flange to the machine rotor spaced not more than 400mm, and the flow rate of the gas again soon, time is very short, to process gas from 238 ℃ down to 4.8 ℃, reached the vacuum pump inlet temperature requirements, process design is at the pump entrance on the nozzle flanges for a 1-inch pipe, into ethylbenzene, to achieve cooling purposes. Ethylbenzene injection amount by the pipeline control valve to adjust. Thus there are two problems: First, the injection point design is unreasonable, causing the cooling time is short, it is difficult to ensure that the pump suction temperature; the second is the control valve in case of failure, it will cause the device to full operating temperature increases, the result pump failure.

Further damage before pump rotor in contact with the rotor and the rotor relative to the housing mill experienced a long period of time. Period with a temperature anomalies, abnormal sound and vibration to increase the phenomenon, if the inspection staff attention, but also to avoid accidents.

water ring vacuum pump liquid seal control promble and process medium inject some unreasonable factors.

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